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Nepalís constitution drafting: Constitution deadlock will end within a few days


Kathmandu (Jan. 03, 2015): Nepal Prime Minister Sushil Koirala Saturday said the deadlock in the constitution drafting process will be resolved within a few days as all political parties are ready to take initiatives in this regard.

"I am confident that the deadlock will be resolved within two-three days. The result of our efforts will come out soon and the constitution drafting project will be a success." Koirala said.

The constitution drafting is the priority of all political parties at present, he said and pointed out the need to lead the country towards the path of overall development by first drafting the constitution.

Political parties are seriously divided mainly over four issues of the new proposed Constitution that include forms of governance, names and number of federal units, electoral system, and judicial system.

"What happens if we fail now? It will lead to some bad consequences," he said while addressing a function organised to honour Chief Justice Ram Kumar Shah here.

"Vandalism, protests or destructions are not desirable. The rights of all the Adivasis or Janajatis, women, Muslims, minorities and different religious and lingual groups will be ensured in this constitution," Koirala said.

Political parties in Nepal have set a January 22 deadline to draft a constitution so as to institutionalise the achievements of the Peoples Movement of 2006.