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AAP seeks judicial probe into police action in Hisar at Rampal's ashram


New Delhi (Nov. 18, 2014): Aam Aadmi Party today condemned police action in Hisar, in which it claimed that several people and media persons have been injured, and demanded a judicial probe into the incident.

Several persons, including security and media personnel, were injured as clashes erupted at the ashram of controversial 'godman' Rampal today with police lobbing teargas shells and using batons to disperse his supporters who allegedly fired back.

"Aam Aadmi Party strongly condemns Haryana Police brutality at Hisar, in which many people, including journalists were seriously injured.

"The party demands a judicial probe into the entire incident by a sitting High Court judge," the party said in a statement.

It said that the failure of the new BJP government of Haryana in implementing High Court orders, and unleashing the police on journalists covering the incident, exposes the prevailing ugly situation in the state, where a new government has taken over barely a few weeks back.

It also accused the BJP of "succumbing to so-called babas"

"The unjustified delay by the BJP government in making efforts to arrest an alleged godman despite the orders of the Punjab and Haryana High Court clearly shows that the state government appears to be returning a political favour to the controversial Baba.

"It is beyond any justification that the state police, in order to hide its own failure resorted to unleashing violence on reporters and camerapersons present at the spot and did not stop at brutally injuring them, it went on to break the cameras to erase any evidence of its highly objectionable behaviour," the party added.