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AAP takes security measures to avert attacks on Arvind Kejriwal


New Delhi (Jan. 01, 2015): In order to avert attacks on AAP chief Arvind Kejriwal, the party has taken several steps, including placing its volunteers near the podium and cordoning off the area, to maintain a safe distance between the stage and the audience.

Last week, a youth in his 20s, attempted to attack the former Delhi Chief Minister when he was addressing a Jan Sabha at Tigdi in Deoli assembly constituency. Party's Deoli candidate Prakash Jarwal had placed party volunteers near the stage so that no outsider or suspecting element could come near the podium. 

The Deoli attack was averted after party volunteers held back the youth, who was hurling stones at Kejriwal. This reduced the intensity of the attack. The party has also been maintaining a safe distance between the podium and the audience. 
The AAP chief was attacked twice in Delhi. Once while holding a road rally for party's Lok Sabha candidate for South Delhi, Devendra Sehrawat and second time in Sultanpuri Majra when he was doing another road show for party candidate Rakhi Birla.