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1011 passengers being tracked for Ebola Virus Disease


New Delhi (7th Sept, 2014): A cumulative number of 1011 passengers are being tracked by IDSP. Most of them are in the States of Maharashtra, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Gujarat, West Bengal and Delhi.

During past 24 hours, 201 passengers from the affected countries have arrived at the airports of Mumbai (88), Delhi (58), Chennai (24), Bangalore (15), Kochi (11), Trivandrum (4) and Kolkata (1). As on 07.09.2014, 16531 passengers have been screened [Low risk: 16489; Medium Risk: 07 and High Risk: 35]. No passenger has been isolated at the quarantine facility, today.

M/s Afcons and International SOS have brought back 113 passengers (including 02 Nepalese Nationals) from Liberia to India. 96 passengers landed in Mumbai and another 17, in Delhi. The passengers who landed in Delhi were also taken to Mumbai by M/s Afcons. They have all travelled to their respective destinations. State Governments have been provided with the details. The IDSP is tracking these passengers. Report has been received from the State IDSP units of 20 States tracking these passengers. 104 passengers have been tracked and are being monitored.

The Control Room in the Ministry of Health & Family Welfare has received 728 calls since its inception on 09/08/2014 morning and only 2 calls received in the past 24 hours. Most of the callers have sought information on signs and symptoms of the disease and travel related risk of acquiring the infection.


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