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Over 1,800 air purifiers purchased by US Embassy before President Obama's India visit


New Delhi (Feb. 02, 2015): Ahead of US President Barack Obama's visit to India in January, the US Embassy purchased air purifiers keeping in mind the increasing levels of air pollution in Delhi.

Delhi's increasing air pollution issues led to the US Embassy to purchase over 1800 air purifiers prior to US President Barack Obama's visit to India this year. The purifiers were installed in the Embassy. Blueair, the company that supplied the air purifiers, confirmed the purchase by the Embassy.

The US regularly keeps a check on the pollution levels in the embassy buildings and makes a daily note of the high levels of pollution in the city. Around Obama's visit, the Air Quality Index recorded a reading of 222. Pollution at this level can cause serious heart or lung disease and a significant increase in respiratory effects in the general population, according to the Environmental Protection Agency.

Keeping in mind this and the increasing cases of swine flu deaths, the US Embassy decided to purchase air purifiers for the staff visiting India.