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Maharashtra youth reveals journey into terrorism after return


Mumbai (Nov 29, 2014): The four youth from Maharashtra who had been radicalized on the internet before leaving for the ISIS were being monitored on a daily basis by the Indian Intelligence Bureau and during each of the conversations with their families they were weeping un-controllably seeking help to return.

In other words, Areef Majeed and the rest had literally begged to be brought back to India.

An officer with the Intelligence Bureau tells that Majeed and three others had gone off the radar for a while after they reached Iraq. They stayed in a camp which was specific to Hind recruits and were imparted training for a couple of days. These youth who were fully radicalised on the internet before leaving for Iraq held up for a while but started to give up as they found themselves to be in a situation of complete lawlessness and also doing jobs that they had not expected they would have to do. When the fighting became intense, there was no command or instruction for any of them and each one had to fend for themselves.

There were airstrikes and indiscriminate firing. The injury marks on Majeed were all shots fired by the ISIS-not intentionally, but due to indiscriminate firing. According to Majeed, he escaped to Turkey to seek medical help.

By this time many had thought he was dead and even one of his accomplices Shaheen Tanki had called home to say that Majeed had become a martyr. However, Majeed managed to make contact with his family around 20 days back. He was weeping, sounded scared and tired of the situation. He constantly told his family to contact the Indian agencies and rescue him from the situation that he was in.