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Delhi polls: BJP CM candidate Bedi says going to be only a caretaker of Krishna Nagar


New Delhi (Jan. 20, 2015): BJP chief ministerial candidate Kiran Bedi Tuesday tried to cash in on the popularity of Harsh Vardhan as she hit the campaign trail in east Delhi's Krishna Nagar constituency from where the Union minister had been an MLA since 1993.

"Dr. Sahab called me his elder sister, he is also like my younger brother. I have known him for so long. Krishna Nagar is a very pure constituency which is why I said that I will nurture this garden well. I'm going to be here temporarily only, as a caretaker.

"I hope Dr Sahab will be at rest as this caretaker is also very effective and hardworking and knows the work which needs to be done. He'll be my advisor, if I have any problem, I will go to him. I'm here as a caretaker," she told a gathering in Krishna Nagar here.

The former IPS officer also said she had wanted Dr Harsh Vardhan to become the chief minister in the last elections, saying that she hopes that this would've happened.

"I'm a well wisher of Dr Harsh Vardhan and also a fan. There is no competition at all. I'm here to devote myself to you," she said.

Bedi also said that city now wants administration and its people no longer want a government of "dhamkis" and suspensions.

Harsh Vardhan said his role in this election is going to be that of a BJP worker for a better future of the country.

On being asked if he wanted his wife or son to fight from the constituency, he said, "I think all this talk is totally rubbish and has no relevance at all."

Bedi also showed her willingness to keep the education department and home guard with her if she becomes chief minister.

"As the chief minister, I will keep the education department and the home guard with me. No policemen will cheat me, they're all waiting for madam to come. We'll organise career melas for companies.

"We will soon be able to control the number of jobless in the city. We will fulfill what the prime minister envisions for the country, along with Make In India, there will be Make in Delhi," she added.

Bedi said if BJP comes to power, government dispensaries will not shut down after 2 pm.

"There are many private doctors, homeopathic doctors as well ayurvedic doctors whom we'll rope in.

"Every government officer would be on the road by 9 am to review the work of their department and they will give me a monthly report. We will also set up a call centre to address the grievances of the public," she added.

Vardhan said Bedi was like an elder sister to him.