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Modi to launch portable PF account, unified portal for labourers


New Delhi (Oct 11, 2014): Prime Minister Narendra Modi will launch a host of welfare schemes for the workers including portable PF account and a unified web portal for inspection of firms related to labour laws compliance on October 16.

"Prime Minister will preside over a function on October 16 to launch various facilities for workers including Universal Account Number (UAN) for EPFO subscribers and a web portal for centralised inspection of firms," a senior Labour Ministry official said.

Apart from these, the Labour ministry, in a bid to promote Industrial Training Institutes (ITIs), would felicitate some individuals who have passed out from these institutions and are holding some top positions in various companies.

Since the ITIs don't have branding, the ministry has identified them as brand ambassadors of the ITIs, the official said, adding this would give a positive branding of ITIs so that more people enroll themselves and take it as their first option.

Presently, engineering aspirants keep ITIs as their last choice after IITs, NITs, and various private engineering colleges.

The official said UAN will give the facility of collation of accounts, viewing of updated accounts as well as downloading the same and collation of pensionable service.

The UAN would be portable throughout the working career of members and can be used anywhere in India. Thus, workers in organised sector would not need to apply for transfer of PF account claim on changing jobs.

The EPFO is in the process of making UAN operational for its 4.17 crore contributing subscribers by October 15.

The EPFO had started the process of seeding the 4.17 crore UANs with subscribers bank account numbers, PAN, Aadhaar and other Know-your-Customers (KYC) details to improve the delivery of its services in July this year.

Besides this, the government will launch unified web portal LIN (Labour Identification Number) for simplifying business regulations and bring in transparency and accountability in labour inspections by various agencies and bodies under the administrative control of Labour Ministry.

The unified LIN web portal will operate through a unique LIN (Shram Pehchan Sankhya) for each employer. This web portal will provide for filing of single harmonised annual returns by the employers.

The employers will be allotted LIN after registration on web portal. The enforcement agency will upload the data of inspection on the web portal which will be updated periodically.

This portal would provide online reporting of harmonised inspection report by labour inspectors and inspecting officers of other bodies like EPFO administered by Labour Ministry. It will also provide for online grievance redressal system.

The Labour ministry will have a "Recognition of Prior Learning" scheme in which if somebody is somewhat skilled, but does not have any certificate, then the ministry will do a short gap analysis, take his test and he give the worker certification. This will be done for various sector workers, the official said.