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Prime Minister to visit Myanmar, Australia and Fiji


New Delhi (Nov. 6, 2014): Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi will travel to Myanmar, Australia and Fiji to participate in ASEAN and East Asia Summits in Myanmar, G-20 Summit in Australia, among other bilateral and multilateral engagements. The visit will start on November 11, 2014.

“Starting 11th November I would be travelling to Myanmar, Australia and Fiji to participate in various summits & bilateral meetings.

In Myanmar I will attend 2 key multilateral summits- ASEAN & East Asia Summits. Looking forward to meeting leaders attending these Summits. Our ties with South East Asia are deep rooted. Strengthening relations with ASEAN nations is an important part of our `Act East` policy. ASEAN is central to our dream of an Asian century, where India will play a crucial role. I am sure the meetings there would be fruitful.

I will have bilateral meetings with leaders of Myanmar, a valued friend. Having stronger relations with Myanmar is a priority area for us.

After Myanmar, I will go to Australia for G-20 Summit. It is a great platform to showcase opportunities India has to offer to the world. I look forward to working with G-20 leaders on important issues concerning the world, particularly those relating to the global economy.

My Australia visit is both special & historic. It will be 1st bilateral visit to Australia by an Indian PM in 28 years. In Australia I will meet the country`s top leadership & am honoured to have been given an opportunity to address the Australian Parliament. I am also eagerly looking forward to interacting with the Indian community in Australia, http://www.pmvisit.org.au. Cricket is a shared passion of Australia and India. I thank PM Tony Abbott for hosting me at the iconic Melbourne Cricket Ground.Both Australia & India fought shoulder to shoulder during WW1. I would be visiting the War Memorial with PM Tony Abbott” the Prime Minister said.