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Plan panel: Cong attacks Modi on move to revamp plan panel


New Delhi (Dec. 07, 2014): Congress Sunday launched a scathing attack on Prime Minister Modi alleging that the government's plans of a "political burial" of the Planning Commission were being carried out in a "devious" manner characterised by "subterfuge and doublespeak".

The party said the steps to dismantle the plan panel was "unwarranted, shortsighted and dangerous" even as it cautioned the government against "diluting" the Commission's functions.

"Congress party opposes and condemns the efforts being made by the BJP government in a devious manner characterised by typical subterfuge and doublespeak to dismantle the Planning Commission," AICC Communication Department Chairman Ajay Maken said in a statement.

Terming the move "short-sighted and dangerous", he said that it will have long-term impact on Centre-state relations.

"Any move to rename or restructure is unwarranted in the national interest and must be opposed... It (Congress) cautions the government against diluting the Commission's functions that ensure that socio-economic justice and robust federalism, in the name of reforms aimed at benefiting vested interests and corrupt practices in project implementation," he said.