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Prez Mukherjee on R-Day eve: Ordinance route 'breaches' trust of people


New Delhi (Jan. 26, 2015): After cautioning the Government against taking the ordinance route, President Pranab Mukherjee did some plain speaking, saying enacting laws without discussions "breaches the trust" reposed by people and is not good for democracy.

In his address on the eve of 66th Republic Day, Mukherjee spoke about the importance of legislature and said that after three decades, people have voted a single party to majority for having a stable government.

"The voter has played her part; it is now up to those who have been elected to honour this trust. It was a vote for clean, efficient, effective, gender-sensitive, transparent, accountable and citizen-friendly governance," he said.

Dwelling upon the role of legislature, the President said it is a "platform where progressive legislations using civilised dialogue" which must create delivery mechanism for realizing the aspirations of the people and also reconciling the differences among all the stakeholders before enacting laws.

"Enacting laws without discussion impacts the law-making role of the Parliament. It breaches the trust reposed in it by the people. This is neither good for the democracy nor for the policies relating to those laws," he said.

Mukherjee had earlier stated that ordinances are meant for specific purposes, that is "to meet an extraordinary situation under extraordinary circumstances".

The remarks had come against the backdrop of the Modi government having issued nine ordinances including those for raising the FDI limit in the insurance sector and e-auctioning of coal mines.