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Sunanda Pushkar case: Pak journalist to be quiz by Delhi Police


New Delhi (Jan. 09, 2015): Delhi Police, which has registered a case of murder in the death of Sunanda Pushkar, is planning to question Mehr Tarar, the Pakistani journalist over whom she fought with her husband Shashi Tharoor before her mysterious death last year.

Tarar, who had met Congress MP Tharoor sometime before Sunanda's death, had already said publicly that she is ready to answer all questions in this connection.

Meanwhile, Tharoor's domestic help Narayan Singh told investigators that the couple had been fighting over another woman besides Tarar days before her death, the sources said.

Usually after such fights, Sunanda used to go to a family friend's place, who has been identified by Singh as one Sanjay. He has also mentioned about another person Sunil Trakru, said a senior police official associated with the probe.

Acording to sources, police had a month back questioned Trakru, a family friend of the couple, who had met Sunanda on January 15, two days before her death.

They said it was Trakru who had received Sunanda at the airport on January 15 on her return from Thiruvananthapuram and had brought her to Leela Palace hotel where she was found dead on Janaury 17. He had met both Tharoor and Sunanda in the hotel the next day.

Trakru has told police that Sunanda was frail and weak when he last met her.

Singh is believed have told investigators that Sunanda wanted to hold a press conference over something before her death.

The SIT also visited the hotel today and spent around two hours.

The investigators questioned the hotel staff and also checked the hotel room once again. The staff was specifically asked whether anyone had seen or recovered any syringe or an injection vial from the room.

The question was made as the medical report had mentioned 'injury no. 10', an apparent injection mark through which the poison could have been administered.

The SIT has also formed a list of at least 12 people including, Abhinav Kumar, who was PS to Tharoor.

It was Kumar, who had made a phone call to Inspector Atul Sood, the then SHO of Sarojini Nagar, the sources said.

They said Kumar would be asked by the police why the SHO was informed on his personal mobile number and why a PCR call was made.

Other than this, police will also question Bajrangi, Tharoor's driver and a female journalist with whom Sunanda apparently spoke to before her death and all those who came in contact with her 48 hours before her death.

Police will also question another man Sanjay Dewan, the couple's family friend who is believed to be at the hotel suite on that night when Sunanda was found dead.

Meanwhile, Delhi police top brass has asked the members of SIT not to use mobile phones during investigation, especially during interrogation.