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Technological Revolution in the World of SIP Investments: Aditya Birla Money MyUniverse launches ZIPSIP @ MyUniverse


Pune (Feb. 04, 2015): Aditya Birla Money MyUniverse, India’s No. 1 Personal Finance Platform launches ZIPSIP @ MyUniverse, the Smarter, Easier, Quicker way of doing SIPs. Thenew offering is focused on providing investors with a fast and easy way to get started with a Mutual Fund Systematic Investment Plan (MF SIP).

Inwww.myuniverse.co.in/zipsip, investorshave to answer a few simple questions to get recommendations on the most suitable funds for them. Then, with just a few clicks he/she can invest in funds of his/her choice online without any paperwork.

SudhakarRamasubramanian, Managing Director – Aditya Birla Money Limited said, “Traditionally, we are a nation of savers and miss out on investing for wealth creation. The same is reflected in high level of household savings but very little investments in wealth creating assets like Equities and Mutual Funds. ZIPSIP @ MyUniverse will revolutionize the way Mutual Fund investments are done and make Smart, Easy and Quick investing, accessible to all.”

Speaking about the launch, Mr. Rahul Parikh, Head – Aditya Birla Money MyUniverse said,“Most people miss out on investing due to lack of professional guidance and associated complexity in investing. We believe investing needs to be simplified as the core purpose is to beat inflation through long term compounding.For a retail investor, this is best accomplished in a tailor made Mutual Fund SIP portfolio. ZIPSIP @ MyUniverse is an attempt from our side to simplify investments process for Indians.”