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ISACA Donates $5,000 to Snehalaya IT Center of HOPE


Pune (Sept 30, 2014): As part of its corporate social responsibility (CSR) program, global IT association ISACA has donated US $5,000 to support the IT Center of HOPE at the Snehalaya organization’s English Medium School. Supporting student education and e-learning, thisdonation aligns with ISACA’s mission to provide relevant tools to promote growth and innovation in professional development in the ever-changing IT industry.

Founded in 1989, the Snehalaya organization aims to rehabilitate children and women who are the victims of sex trafficking.Its new English Medium School provides free education, including IT courses, to 190 students from kindergarten to grade four, with the capacity to serve students up to grade 10. The IT Center conducts courses for personality development and spoken English to provide students the skills needed for better career opportunities.

“Snehalayais sincerely grateful for ISACA’s support,” saidRajendraShukre, school committee chairman at Snehalaya. “Living in a digital era, one cannot progress without being trained in computer science. With ISACA’s contribution, Snehalaya will be able to provide new computers in its computer lab. The pupils at Snehalaya English Medium School will now be able to get acquainted with this powerful tool by learning software, hardware and various Internet applications, resulting in equal learning opportunities for all.”

As part of its CSR program, ISACA chooses select organizations nominated by chapters to receive a financial donation. The ISACA Pune Chapter nominated Snehalaya.
“Snehalaya’s new school is a landmark achievement, as it delivers quality education to children. ISACA’s support of Snehalaya’s IT center reinforces itsrecognition as a respected resource for professional education and development,” said Vijay Bhalerao of the ISACA Pune Chapter.“Snehalaya is doing a wonderful job for the children and women in India, and we are proud ISACA canassist withits noble efforts in building them a brighter life and future.”