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KBL launches i-NS pump series; nearly maintenance-free


The pump's innovative integrated design and compact size reduces submergence and makes it nearly maintenance-free

Pune (Feb. 05, 2015): Endorsing the Prime Minister’s “Make in India” call, Kirloskar Brothers Limited (KBL),the global fluid management company, has announced the launch ofyet another product “i-NS” pump, which has been developed entirely with domestic technology.The new innovative features make the “i-NS” series pump ideal for dewatering function in the Water & Wastewater Treatment industries, Sewage, Building & Construction and other allied segments. 
KBL’s “i-NS” pump is an innovative non-clog sewage submersible pump designed for customer by taking into consideration the end-user’s views. The Compact size of the pump helps in minimizing submergence, and it comes with an aesthetically-improved design for maintenance-free work.

KBL’s “i-NS” pump’s stationary installation arrangement is simplified with single guide pipe system. It introduces the innovative modular concept for interchangeability of components. Its Cable Bracket design for wrapping the cable around the body helps in avoiding cable damage, and its Potting Cup design helps in restricting the entry of water inside the pump. Its integrated design also eliminates most of the potential leakage and short circuit issues typically faced by the end-users in the Water & Wastewater Treatment industries, Sewage, Building & Construction and other allied segments.

Speaking at the “i-NS” pump series launch, Mr Sanjay Kirloskar, Chairman & Managing Director, Kirloskar Brothers Limited, said:“The indigenous development of technologically-advanced i–NS has been an enriching experience for the entire KBL team. I am pleased with our performance in developing this advanced technology for dewatering purpose across various industry segments. This project further reaffirms our commitment in providing advanced fluid handling solutions for critical applications. The development of “i-NS” series of pumps has also helped us get another step closer to the “Make in India” initiative by our Honorable Prime Minister ShriNarendra Modi.”

The “i-NS” pump is packed with innovative features that make it ideal for use.Its integrated design for major components (Stator Housing / Upper Bearing Holder, Mechanical Seal Housing / Lower Bearing Holder and Motor End Cover / Cable Gland) reduces the total number of parts and minimizes the fasteners. This integrated design product has 13 models, 49 hydraulics and 206 frames.Due to fewer components and integrated design concept, the pump has better assembly and dismantling lead time than its competitors.