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SAS enables Via.com to increase its partnersí sales performance


Pune (Oct 28, 2014): SAS, the leader in business analytics software and services has announced that Via.com, India’s leading travel company, is using SAS Visual Analytics to closely track their network of partners across regions including India, Philippines, Singapore and Indonesia and also to monitor sales across lines of business.

Most of Via’s partners do about 40-50 thousand transactions on a daily basis, and monitoring the performance of each partner is critical for the travel company. It is necessary for the travel company to understand partner’s sales performance, identify business issues and accordingly address them in a timely manner. With the SAS Analytics, Via.com will be able to identify and resolve the issues within 24-48 hours, which will further help them in delighting partners and end-customers.

Explaining the benefits of using the SAS Analytics Solution, V Swaminathan, CEO, Via.com said, “Earlier, we had our own organic system along with an Excel based solution for reporting system which we used in order to track how things are moving. But the challenge was that we were not able to collate or get a quick view across regions and products. With SAS Analytics Solution, we have been able to identify and address issues in a short span of time. Additionally, migration to the SAS solution has been extremely smooth, as the SAS team has been very cooperative, understanding and proactive.

Sudipta K Sen, Regional Director - South East Asia, Vice Chairman and Board Member, SAS India said,“We are delighted to have Via.com as our esteemed customer. In today’s competitive landscape, it is important for organisations to leverage analytics and data visualisation, for empowering non-technical business users to derive insights and foresights. I am confident that SAS Visual Analytics will continue to add value to Via.com and further enable fact-based decision making across the organisation, helpingthem drive breakthrough business outcomes.”