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ŠKODA India introduces the highly anticipated new Yeti at Rs. 18.63 lakhs ex-showroom Maharashtra


Pune (10th Sept, 2014): ŠKODA AUTO India introduces the new Yeti at Rs 18.63 lakhs ex showroom Maharashtra. ŠKODA’s versatile SUV is a straightforward representative of its segment, a Sports Utility Vehicle with character and simplicity. ŠKODA has now extensively redesigned the Yeti to adapt the brand’s new design language. TheYeti will be offered with two diesel engines for the Indian market: the 2.0 TDI/81 kW mated to a five-speed manual transmission and a 2.0 TDI/103 kWall-wheel drive fitted as standard mated to a manual six-speed gearbox. The high-pressure direct injection technology system offers optimum performance with great mileage of 17.72*Kmpl in the 2 wheel drive 81 kW engine and 17.67* kmpl in the 103 kW all-wheel drive versions. TheŠKODA Yeti is a proud proof that even an SUV can achieve low consumption and emissions.The Yeti will be available across all authorized ŠKODA showrooms in the country.

“TheYeti is an extremely versatile vehicle and is a great compliment to our product portfolio. True to ŠKODA’s DNA it is extremely practical, precise, spacious and clever. The driving dynamics in the Yeti are impeccable; it performs well within the city and its off-road performance is overwhelming. The ŠKODA Yeti makes clever use of space and technology that include both new and proven ‘Simply Clever’ solutions. The Yeti is a car for true automotive enthusiasts and driving aficionados”says Mr Sudhir Rao, Chairman and Managing Director ŠKODA Auto India.“The refreshed models in our line-up reflect the new phase of ŠKODA India, promising products that are more practical with timeless appeal, extremely high safety standards and the latest technologies.To complement our ongoing model offensive we will focus on the overall ownership experience with the brand and will continue toretain customer satisfaction as top priority in India.”

The ŠKODA Yeti isabout safety without compromise. The Yeti was awarded five starsin the Euro NCAP crash test in 2009 for its exemplary safety features.Systems such as ESC including ABS, braking assistant and a robust body designas well as a state-of-the-art chassis guarantee optimum active safety. Off-road,the car’s smart all-wheel-drive contributes to safe driving behaviour. In termsof passive safety, passengers are protected by a system with 6 airbags, five three-point safety belts, and five head restraints.

“The redesigned ŠKODA Yeti incorporates the new ŠKODA design language and preserve’s the car’s extreme versatility and multi-functionality. The Yeti has been significantly revamped to give it a more striking and impressive appearance. Behind the new improved look, the Yeti like all SUVs still has the rugged appeal and exudes strength and agility. High safety standards & comfort features along with its off-road capabilities, makes the Yeti a reliable partner in the city and off the road”, added Mr. Pawel Szuflak, Director, Sales, Service and Marketing, ŠKODA AUTO India.

For the first time the Yeti will also feature cruise control and the KESSY system. Light Assist, a clever feature is added to the redesigned Yeti for the first time.

Refreshed exterior
The redesigned Yeti sports the brand’s new design philosophy, including a strong emphasis on horizontals, precise lines, clean edges, a new logo and a striking interplay of light and shadow. The new design maintains the SUV’sproven, unmistakable basic design and basic proportions: perpendicular surfaces, largewraparound windows, and its uncompromising shape.The ŠKODA Yeti’s selection of colours has also been expanded. Customers now can choose from a total of 7 different colours: Candy White, MagicBlack, Mato Brown, Lava Blue, Brilliant Silver, Corrida Red and Terracotta Orange with multiple combinations of either a silver, white or a black roof.

ŠKODA has created a versatile SUV whose powerful off-road elements “hill descent control” and “drive off assistant”emphasise its suitability for off-roading. The ŠKODA Yeti has acompletely new front and upgraded rear endwith LED rear lights, new radiator grille, new bumpers, new front headlights and fog lights and a new bonnet. ŠKODA’s designers have completely reinterpreted the contours of the Yeti’s lights and the 17 vertical grille ribs are embellished with Chrome and looks more distinctive. The main headlights are more striking and sharper thanks to their precisely cut edges, sharp facet cutting, fine transitions and general avoidance of curves. The headlights are wider than in previous versions. The perfectly executed quality of the crystalline design elements are reminiscent of Czech crystal. For the first time, the Yeti now features Bi-Xenon AFS headlight system, retractable washers, automatic levellingand integrated LED daytime running lights.

There are also changes to the sides of the ŠKODA Yeti. The angular shape of the Yeti silhouette remains basically unchanged; however, the wheel houses have a stronger shape than before.

The Yeti features a silver roof rail with a matte black roof. Two new alloy wheel designs (16” 'Forest' for 4x4 and 16” 'Dolomite' for 4x2 version) make the existing wheel wheels more attractive. The motto of the redesigned rear of the ŠKODA Yeti is clear and clean:the new logo in the middle of the new tailgate with the ŠKODA name and model namein the new font.There are also two new reflectors in the bumper, they are positioned flush with the lower edge of the tailgate which also sports new taillights, including LEDs, in the brand’stypical C design. A new two-stripe layout makes the 'C' clearer and brighter. The overallredesign of the rear end makes the Yeti seem wideralthough the vehicle’s width remains unchanged at 1,793 millimetres. The ŠKODA Yeti features a rear bumper with a clearer light reflecting surface in the vehicle’s body colour and robust safety elements set off in blackand silver.

Interior has been refreshed
The ŠKODA Yeti's interior have been refreshed with a new 3-spoke multifunctional steering wheel, adjustable for height- and reach. The Yeti’s interior is extremely airy and spacious, with verticalside elements and window panes playing a contributing role. Passengers in the rear sitvery comfortably at 1027 millimetres. The low loading edge at 712 milimetresmakes both loading inparticular and life in generaleasier.The interior is truly ‘Simply Clever’ with three separate, individually removable andadjustable rear seats; the VarioFlex rear seat system is truly brilliant. The two outsideseats can be moved forward or back 150 millimetres for even more legroom. Whenthe centre seat is removed, the outside seats can be adjusted sideways for even moreshoulder space, turning the Yeti into a very comfortable four-seater in no time.Furthermore, all three seats have adjustable backrests and can be folded down. Thus,folded down, the middle seat becomes a centre armrest with two cup holdersin a jiffy.

Excellent Active Safety:
Numerous electronic safety systems enhance the ŠKODA Yeti’s active safety. The Yeti comes with standard ESC (Electronic Stability Control), which includesABS (Antilock Braking System), EBC (Engine Braking Control), braking assistant, ASR(Anti-Slip Regulation) and EDL (Electronic Differential Lock).ESC recognises critical driving situations and prevents the vehicle from swervingor skidding. ABS keeps the wheels from locking during emergency braking or whenbraking on slippery surfaces. MSR counters the locking action of the driving wheels whichcan occur when the driver decelerates on a smooth surface. By increasing the brakingpressure, the braking assistant helps drivers in emergency braking situations. This can lead to a significant reduction in braking distance.The ASR ensures smooth starting and acceleration without the wheels spinningon slippery surfaces.

The ŠKODA Yeti is available withelectronic tyre pressure monitoring.This system warns the driver about varying tyre pressure at all times.The hill-hold control assistant helps drivers start uphill safely. The systemactivates itself on inclines of five percent or more and ensures easy and safe uphillstarting without the use of the hand brake. The system keeps the car from rollingbackwards or stalling. For the ŠKODA Yeti all-wheel drive, a downhill assistant is available.State-of-the-art engine management uses engine braking action to enable in safeand controlled downhill driving. The downhill assistant easily and safely managesextreme downhill sections by keeping the driving speed at a constant rate, thus assistingthe driver.

Good tracking thanks to an advanced chassis
The ŠKODA Yeti’s suspension provides top-notch driving stability. At the front isa MacPherson-type axle with triangular wishbones and a torsion stabiliser. The rearmultilink axle comprises of one trailing arm, three transversal arms, and a torsionstabiliser. State-of-the-art axle design keeps rolling motion in curves to a minimumdespite the vehicle’s height. Furthermore, the chassis provides excellent suspension anda very low noise level.The ŠKODA Yeti’s all-wheel drive boasts excellent handling characteristics on slicksurfaces thanks to a fifth-generation Haldex clutch—an electronically controlled multiplatecoupling system. In normal driving situations, the rear axle is free-running as mostof the time, power only goes to the front axle. When needed, the Haldex coupling systemactivates the entire rear axle.A controller constantly calculates the ideal torque value for the rear axle. The systemanalyses a number of parameters including engine speed, gas pedal position, wheelrotational speed, steering angle and data regarding the vehicle’s lateral and longitudinalacceleration. Based on the total dynamic situation, it sets the torque for the rear axle andadjusts the contact pressure on the clutch plates as needed. Even when startingor accelerating suddenly, the wheels usually will not spin.The EDL(electronic differential lock) provides additional driving stability and ensuressmooth and comfortable starts on road surfaces that do not offer a uniform level of grip.

If a wheel spins, the electronic differential lock slows it down and ensures powertransmission to the wheel with a better grip.

Excellent passive safety
If an accident is unavoidable despite these comprehensive systems, numerous safetyelements are designed to protect all occupants. The ŠKODA Yeti comes equippedwith six airbags: front airbags for driver and front-seat passenger, two side-airbags in front and curtain airbags (front and rear). Upon activation of the airbags, fuel supply and power supply arepartially cut, and all doors are unlocked.

In case of emergency braking action while travelling at speeds of 60 km/h or above,the car’s hazard warning flashers are automatically activated. Three-point safety belts(height-adjustable in front, with belt-tensioner) keep occupants in place. In a rear-endcollision, special head restraints (whiplash-optimised headrests) in front minimise the riskof whiplash for both the driver and the passenger. The head restraints are designedto reduce pendulum movement of the head to a minimum, minimising over-stretchingof the vertebrae to prevent injury.To ensure children are transported safely, Isofix child seats can be attached to specialanchor points. The two rearoutside seats are equipped with the Isofix anchors, and a TopTetherattachment is available via a belt attachment from the car’s roof.

ŠKODA Yeti Prices

Ex Delhi

Ex Maharashtra

Yeti Elegance 2.0 TDI CR 81 kW 4X2



Yeti Elegance 2.0 TDI CR 103 kW 4X4




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