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Amy Billimoria graced the “Rotary Roadies on Equals Street” event as guest of honor

Mumbai (Dec. 22, 2014): Rotary Club of Mumbai Versova hosted “Rotary Roadies on Equals Street” through  its Members who performed various tasks, play games and activities to encourage the Public to come forward and participate in their endeavor to help save our environment and support our noble mission of serving and saving Mankind.

Believing in the adage “Action speaks louder than the word”, Rotary Club of Mumbai Versova has a vision for clean and progressive India and motivated the nation to join hands and participate in this noble drive.

Trees give us life; in fact they help us complete the circle of life...  Rotary Club of Mumbai Versova wishes to accomplish that more and more people become aware of this fact throughout initiative to Save the Environment which starts from each individual. It is similar to the saying “Cleanliness starts from home”. Hence Rotary Club of Mumbai Versova encourages every individual to actively take part in the “Plant More Trees” drive vide their activity called "Rotary Roadies"

The event witnessed crème-de-la-crème crowd from all the walks of life to participate in "Rotary Roadies" comprising of eminent personalties 

Mr. Mahendra Sureka, the man behind “Rotary Roadies on the Equals Street” shares few words of wisdom in order to educate the nation towards the noble initiative, mentions “Rotary Club of Mumbai Versova celebrates it Silver Jubilee Year, hence conducted “Rotary Roadies”. The sole motive of the event is to encourage people to save the environment doing their desired bit. Going an extra mile we distributed free plant saplings to Public, to encourage plantation of trees and plants for the benefit of our Environment. We made them play games and other entertaining activities like Guitar, Skipping, etc. Hence this is a small initiative we have taken with the vision to empower large masses and we would like as many people to take part and make our mother earth clean and worth living”

Holding a penchant for eco friendly fashion, designer Amy Billimoria proud owner of the her label “Earth 21” came forth in order to extend her support to the cause and added to the merriment, she says “I strongly believe that if we want to save our planet the only way we can do it is by planting trees and that is why I am here as Its an extension to my initiative Earth 21”  

Rotary is a well known organization known worldwide for its various activities and projects carried out throughout the Globe, for the betterment and up liftment of the mankind. Rotary Club of Mumbai Versova has been involved in various Philanthropic activities to serve the Community since last 25 years.  Being their Silver Jubilee Year, the Club thought of this idea to showcase the various Projects, we have conducted for the benefit and service to our Society.

Equals Streets is a citizens’ movement that asserts that everyone has an equal right to the road, no matter what their mode of transport. We aim to use our Sunday programme as a platform to sensitize community and government about these concerns and objectives, thus serving as a catalyst towards invoking permanent change