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Aneel Murarka visited Rev. C.F. Andrews High School Annual Day 2014-15 as chief guest


Jan. 24, 2015: Aneel Murarka marked his presence at the Annual Day 2014-2015 of Rev. C.F. Andrews High School with the theme “All is well” as the chief guest along with renowned choreographer Ganesh Acharya who graced the event as one of the elite guests. 

The man stands as firm as a pillar of support to the youth of the nation; it was Aneel Murarka’s passion and zeal towards the betterment that compelled the staff of the college to invite him to grace the annual function holding the theme “All is well” 

The event commenced with welcoming the Aneel Murarka and Ganesh Acharya. Capturing the essence of the Indian Rituals, the annual day started with students performing on Ganesh Vandana which continued with a numerous other performances.

Aneel Murarka felicitated ace choreographer Ganesh Acharya for his immense contribution to enhance dancing in the society and propel the nation to abide by their heart and chose the field with their best interest.

Adding to the merriment in a short yet inspiring conversation with the students, Aneel Murarka said “First and foremost I thank every child and every teacher here for this outstanding introduction of mine. Also let me congratulate the faculty who has taken so much pain to take this program up to this level and making it a grand success” further adding “Every child has its own journey and in built talent what is required is to believe in it and then nothing is impossible. Today each parent is working hard towards the betterment of their child, providing them with the best of education facilities.  But our duty doesn’t end here what is important is what we give back to our society. It’s not just about talking it’s also about delivering.
Today’s theme “All is Well” fits the recent scenario perfectly only is we strive for it. One needs to put in their blood and sweat in order to achieve their goal”

Aneel Murarka walking down the memory lane, shared his memory as the ex student of the school “Since I am an ex student of this school I have many fond memories attached. I was one of the most notorious students of the lot. I have given my share of troubles to the staff but never lost my focus from studies. School days are the golden days of everyone’s life and one must cherish them”