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Aneel Murarka visits Amar Jawan Welfare Mandal an evening dedicated to 26/11 martyrs


Jan. 24, 2015: Aneel Murarka graced the AMAR JAWAN WELFARE MANDAL – AN EVENING DEDIACATED TO COMMEMORATE THE 26/11 MARTYRS organized to uphold Secularism and promote National Integration and spread mass awareness against the ugly menace of terrorism that has acquired a global phenomenon and to commemorate those brave soldiers who lost their lives at one of the ugliest terror attack in the city of Mumbai.

The ceremony was not just to commemorate the 26/11 martyrs but also to pay respect to Aneel Murarka’s grandfather Late. Chiranjilal Murarka who played a pivotal role to secure the country from terrorism. Aneel Murarka was accompanied by his dear friends Sooraj Thapar who came in order to add to the pride moment of Aneel Murarka.

The gathering to honor the soldiers who satisfied their lives to protect the nation from terrorism witnessed, Aneel Murarka along with various to pay respect to just to those who sacrificed their lives but also Aneel Murarka’s to pay respect to his grandfather Late. Chiranjilal Murarka. Also the gathering laid their wreath to pay tribute to the 26/11 Martyrs.

On Nov. 26, 2008, a small band of gunmen opened fire and dropped grenades in locations across the financial capital, leaving more than 160 people dead. The terrorists, militants wielding AK-47 rifles, attacked the city’s iconic Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus train station, five-star hotels, a hospital, a café and a Jewish center.

Over three days, they laid siege to areas of the city, killing several people at the train station and keeping tens of others hostage in the three hotels –  The Taj Mahal Palace & Tower hotel and The Oberoi and Trident in South Mumbai.

Aneel Murarka on a being a part of the ceremony says “I feel the sense of pride that the makers of the event considered me worthy to pay my respect and wreath to all those brave soldiers who lost their precious lives in the 26/11 terrorist attack. It’s a matter of pride and privilege to me that I am paying respect to my grandfather who did his utmost to contribute to the country, I guess it’s his qualities that have been transferred on to me that I wish to do my optimum for the betterment of the country in every which way. We have all united in order to initiate and join hands to irradiate terrorism from the country. This event speaks words that we hold zero tolerance for those who are spreading terror in our country. I request people to join hands and come together and take part in the fight against terrorism".