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Aneel Murarka marked his presence at the intercollegiate festival of S.I.W.S College


Jan. 26, 2015: The man stands as firm as a pillar of support to the youth of the nation; it was Aneel Murarka’s passion and zeal towards the betterment that compelled the staff of the college to invite him to grace the intercollegiate festival of S.I.W.S College. 

The intercollegiate festival commenced yesterday with college students from length and breadth coming and putting in display their talent which won then not just lauds but also prices. 

Aneel Murarka an ardent supporter of education and extra curriculum was felicitated with for his immense contribution towards the education system. Aneel Murarka also felicitated students with the lottery prices arranged by the college which included Scotty, price money for better education etc. 

Adding to the merriment in a short yet inspiring conversation with the students, Aneel Murarka said “I am honored to have attended this festival. As much as I feel education is important I truly believe participating in festivals and taking part in extra curriculum is equally important. It gives a sense of confidence and a refreshing change from studies”.

Setting the tone for the rest, Aneel Murarka shared a few words of wisdom with principal, teachers and students; he said “I totally believe that future of our country is in the hands of the youth of our nation. For the progress of our country guiding and encouraging the youth towards a bright future is very essential”.

The event concluded with Aneel ji reviving his college days, “College days are the golden days of everyone’s life.  Supporting festivals and being a part of such festivals helps me revisiting me college days”