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"100 rupee Bombay Bhel comes to Pune"


Pune (Nov. 8, 2014):  Bombay Bhel is an eatery which is run by foodies, exclusively for foodies in Pune, and ex-pats from Mumbai who are foodies.  The innovative menu is especially crafted for food lovers to Endeavour and recreate the Indian urban street experience with hygienic street food, safe environment and entertainment of unplugged music. The stores are designed for take-away or express food service with elbow-benders and stools for seating serving enriched and innovative avatars of Chaat, Cold as well as Grilled Sandwiches, Burgers.  They have started with two outlets in Pune, one near Apte road (opp hotel Deccan rendevouz) and the other at JM road next to the Tommy Hillfiger showroom.

The Indies section has Indian street offerings with an international twist Pizzas, VadaPav, MoongPakoras, PavBhaji, Juices, Shakes among many other delicacies on offer and Videshis section has a fusion of Italian. The premium ingredients, hygiene and larger-than-life portion on every offering, make every serving good for two.

Bombay Bhel also launches “1 million Bhel-a-thon” in association with Habitat for Humanity & Lions’ Club of Pune District. This Bhel-a-thon is to help generate funds to facilitate the construction of over 125 affordable homes for flood-hit J&K refugees who have been rendered homeless due to the recent floods in J& K.

Bombay Bhel regular size of 500gms sells for Rs. 100, Rs. 50 from each of the ten lakh Bhels Sold during this campaign will be given to Habitat for Humanity to construct affordable homes. As such Bombay Bhel has pledged to raise Rs. 5 Crores towards the cause as to help rehabilitate refugees in J&K while also creating awareness of the availability of the inimitable taste of Bombay Bhel in Pune.

Bombay PaaniPuri, Bombay Bhel are priced at Rs. 100, and the legendary VadaPav in its Gourmet avatar make a history at a whopping Rs. 150/-.  While the price is shocking, the Bombay VadaPav comes in a 4”x 4” Garlic Pav, bathed in butter, oodles of cheese, schezwan Chutney, diced onions and potato chips. The Bhel served in a virgin food grade Bhel Cone compliant with even US FDA norms carries 500 grams of Bombay Bhel made with pure Omani dates and innumerous ingredients.

As a service and a celebration of motherhood and womankind, Bombay PaaniPuri , otherwise

Priced at Rs. 100/- is free for all pregnant women, unlimited till they deliver their respective new born. It is an unconditional offer for all pregnant womens, regardless of their social stature this offer launched, as pregnant women in India love to have PaaniPuri and Chaat. At JungliMaharaj Road store, they often call street dwelling pregnant women selling Balloons outside SambhajiUdyan to have the free PaaniPuri. Also this is not an inaugural offer, it will be a signature service brand everywhere a new stores open.

This smart sizing and pricing comes is concluded that Indian foodies and college students who are a significant slice of the eating out pie in India, go out in couples or groups to eat out.  So, we decided to create offerings that groups can share, and keep it light and fair on every one’s wallet. Gourmet grilled wiches are designed to satiate the appetite of two to three adults, and the monster wiches are a meal for four to five adults.  The club wiches weigh two kgs, and the monster wiches weigh four full kgs each starting at Rs 250/- and the Monsters priced onwards 400 onwards.