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Artful team building exercise held for third year students at Cummins College of Engineering for Women (CCEW)


Pune (Jan. 22, 2015): Third year students of CCEW today experienced a unique way to inculcate team building skill through a contemporary dance workshop. As a part of the ‘Signature Project’ of Cummins, the idea behind this initiative was to engage the youth in creativity and team-building through the art form of modern dance. This workshop was organized by MoebiuSutra Consulting in collaboration with Myst Performing Arts.

With around 150 enthusiastic college students attending the event, the program showcased 3 to 4 modules of contemporary dance, wherein an attitude of collaboration, leadership and communication skills were showcased. Students learnt how to work and express their creative side while working in groups by using their body in different styles, patterns and adapting to  various situations. Students of all abilities worked under the guidance of Mr. Tejas Garbhe, Founder – Director of Myst Performing Arts and a graduate from Masters Performing Arts College (U.K.).

Speaking on the occasion, Dr. Madhuri B. Khambete, Principal of the Cummins College of Engineering for Women said, “This is a great opportunity provided for our students to learn few important skills in an informal and fun environment. Our institute would continue to emphasis on many such unique forms of teaching to gear up our students for the corporate world”.

Dr. Bhooshan Kelkar - Director, MoebiuSutra Consulting Pvt Ltd. said, "Dancing is a brilliant and fun way to break down barriers, guide students outside their comfort zone while getting exercise, bonding, learning about themselves and fellow students. This further helps in growing as individuals and teammates, proving new experience and effective change that begins within and with one step at a time.”