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SME’s cannot be ignored they are the arteries of the Indian Industry corridor

By R Sayed


Pune (Dec. 22, 2014): The SME sector in India forms around 90% of India’s industrial enterprises, contributing about 8% in the country’s GDP. They are the back bone of the Indian industry, employing more than 100 million people. Even though they play such a vibrant and important role there are some basic issues which are unresolved.

Speaking on some of these issues Mr. Shrikant Bairagi, Convenor of MSME panel for CII Pune Zonal Council, shed some light on how CII has helped SMEs to excel.

Quoting Mr. Bairagi, “The SME sector is mostly entrepreneur driven; a single person has a certain bandwidth and depth beyond which one cannot go. When it comes to various functions of running the business, one may be good at one aspect of the business but essentially not the other; business is successful when there is harmony with knowledge and skills among all departments. This is one big challenge that SME’s face. Furthermore, SMEs are not fully aware about the government schemes which are available for them, making them unable to access the benefits helpful for their growth”.

“Most of the SMEs do not necessarily understand the different changes that happen in the policies, acts and they don’t understand how it impacts them. So they are usually in need of some advice on such issues. In today’s competitive global market when it comes to expenses, bench markings and best practices they are at very low level of competitiveness in terms of operation and excellence.” he further added.

Considering all these concerns the zonal council at CII holds sessions with the help of experts from various domains to educate and create awareness among the SMEs facing the above issues. CII has launched Avantha Center where the panel of experts tries to resolve any given query of a member or SME. The CII’s MSME council tries to bring opportunities to the SME’s, helping them by join hands with the Gov. Agencies that can give subsidies and opportunities.

CII has 195 sectorial associations; of these 120 are MSME associations, having close to 35 MSME panel comities across India. 100 strong dedicated CII team works for support to MSMEs across India. These facts clear all misconception about CII catering to only the needs of large scale industries. The Pune zonal council has 70% members from SME sector (170 SME members out of 252 members).

On national level, the participation of SMEs in CII comes from various verticals, which has about 55% of participation from manufacturing sector, 40% from service sector and about 5% from agriculture sector.

Mr. Bairagi strongly recommends and invites the new start up SMEs to always keep networking and try different business ideas. He also stated that every new SME should be part of CII as it gives them a  platform for networking and helps them interact with state and central government, so that when the laws are made their voices are heard. CII brings to them an opportunity to be with the policy makers when the policy is being thought of.

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