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Gandhi Divas Conference on Religions at MIT: Rev. Dada J.P. Vaswani speaks


Pune (Feb. 01, 2015): The meeting of the National Round Table Conference on the concept of Religion & Holy Scriptures of World Religions are True Guiding Lights, held at MAEER’S MIT, Pune on January 30, 2015, comprising of the heads of various religions, was charged with a unique and powerful energy. The meeting was held on occasion of Martyrs Day of Mahatma Gandhi.

Hon’ble Father Dr. Felix Machado, Bishop of Vasai and Eminent Scholar, spoke about the commonalty and overuse of the teachings of all religions.  The basic one being of the unity and overuse of all mankind.  No religion teaches division among individuals, it is the people themselves who divide and then destroy.

The representative for Islam, Hon’ble Shri Hazrat Shaikh Biyabani, Eminent Islamic Scholar, also concurred with the Bishop, saying that no religion talks about differences.  There is the One Creator and all are His children, so then how can there be differences.

Hon’ble Syed Kalbe Rushaid Rizvi said that knowledge is available to all regarding this unity.  We read books, we listen to lectures, but we do not implement this knowledge.  It is time for each individual to keep this awareness of Oneness before them and put it into practice.

Prof. Dr. Vishwanath Karad, President, World Peace Center, warmly greeting and felicitating Dada, saying “We are all very fortunate that we can be in the presence and under the influence of a person like Dada.  He is beyond all dogmas and creeds, for he actually lives his religion.  He has already put into practice all that he teaches.”  For Mahatma Gandhi people say that it does not seem possible that a person of such impeccable qualities had existed in flesh and blood.  The same will one day be said of Revered Dada.

Dada’s talk, carved out of the depths of wisdom and truth and embellished with his wit and humour, touched the core of every heart present.

According to Dada, ‘Religion is life’.  The outer garment, following rites and rituals or more pedantic knowledge cannot make one a holy man.  Religion should be an inner experience, self-realisation, God-realisation.

He continued, India’s wisdom takes in its fold the One Family of Creation.  Our hearts are given to us to love and not to hate.  Irrespective of who we are, the Divine Spark exists within each one of us.

Through examples and anecdote Dada stressed the necessity of the practice of religion.  He further presented some practical suggestions to achieve the same –

1.      Do your duty
2.      Do your duty and a little more
3.      Daily practice of silence

Finally, Dada elevated ‘love’ to the ‘profoundest philosophy of life’ for it is the expansion of the self.

Dada left everyone with the assurance that the Lord gave in the Bhagavad Gita – “On whatever path men approach us, on that I go to meet them, for all the paths are Mine, verily Mine!”

As all the religions and their respective teachers agreed, the call for the day was for oneness, peace, love and unity among mankind. The meeting was a platform for the eradication of dissension, strife, divisiveness and differences from the face of the earth.