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Datta Jayanti Mahotsav: Bhaiyyuji Maharaj running novel projects for prisoners, their children


Indore (Dec. 04, 2014): Under the ongoing Datta Jayanti celebrations being organized at Anand Mohan Mathur auditorium premises under the aegis of Rashtra Saint Shri  Bhaiyuji Maharaj, a `Rashtra Chetna Paryavaran Mahayagya' will be organized here  on December 5. In this  mega religious event, hundreds of devotees who have gathered here from across Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra and elsewhere in the country, will perform `hawan' amid  chanting of Vedic hymns in the presence of 21 scholarly priests. Informing this, Sharad R Pawar, chairman, Shri Sadguru Datta Dharmik Evam Parmarthik Trust here on Thursday said the main objectives behind organizing `Rashtra Chetna Paryavaran Mahayagya' are to ward off evil effects in one's life, create a peaceful environment in the society and the country and for the well being of the common men in the country.

The `mahayagya' will be organized at Anand Mohan Mathur auditorium premises on December 5 from 8 am to 12 pm. This will be followed by `Vrksh and Dindi Yatra' to be taken out from 11   am to 12   pm from the Suryoday Ashram. A large number of devotees including men and women are expected to take part in the `yatra' which is aimed at creating awareness among people towards conservation of environment. Pawar said that an `all  religions meet' will also be organized at Anand Mohan Mathur auditorium on the same day from 5 pm onward wherein distinguished dignitaries from various  religions   will speak on different topics.

 Prominent among those who will speak include Muslim religion seer from Ajmer  Saiyyad Moin Usman, Jilani Qattal (President, World Sufi Council), Christian religious seer Fransis Locis, social  Mekaan Daabre and Balvinder Singh. While Saiyyad Moin Usman will speak on topic - `Role of religion in social changes, Locis will speak on topic -- `Religion for the welfare of human being',. On the other hand, Balwinder Singh, a Sikh religion seer will give his address on the topic - `Religion for social welfare and national conservation'.

A musical programme  christened as `Manchahe Geet' will also be organized at Anand Mohan Mathur auditorium on December 5 from  8 pm onward wherein eminent singer Ashok Hande will regale the audience through his devotional   songs.
On the last   day of Datta Jayanti Mahotsav,  the birth anniversary celebration of lord Dattatrey will be organized at Anand Mohan Mathur  auditorium premises on December 6 at 5 am. This will be followed by `Datta Yaag' from 6 am to 10 am wherein  devotees and `gurubandhus' of Shri Bhaiyyuji Maharaj will perform `hawan' in the presence of scholarly priests. All  those who   will be taking part in `Datta Yaag' will be presented with `Siddh Paaduka' by Bhaiyyuji Maharaj.
Pawar further informed that  on December 6, three veterinary vehicles will be dedicated to the Trust by the guests at 11 am. From 2 pm to 4 pm Shri Bhaiyyuji Maharaj will  deliver discourse, while from 4 pm onward, he will give `Guru  diksha' to his disciples.

Pawar said Shri Sadugur Datta Dharmik & Parmarthik Trust since its inception about 15 years back has been running various social, educational, health, agriculture, community development, environment conservation  projects for the poor people of Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra and help them alleviate their socio-economic status in the  society. He said the Trust following initiatives and inspirations from Shri Bhaiyyuji Maharaj  has also taken up the  tasks of educating and moulding minds of Prisoners and have initiated them to social services under `Bandi Punarvasan Yojna; (Prisoners Rehabilitation Scheme).  A large number of prisoners after spending their jail term, have shunned path of violence after we picked them up and  provided motivational training to them through discourse and other means, said spiritual leader  Bhaiyyuji Maharaj adding that many of these prisoners have started a new inning of their life as social workers at Khamgaon in Maharashtra, while there are others who either have been converted as `kirtankaar' or priests.

Similarly, he said the Trust has also taken up the task of  educating children of prisoners. We observe that in majority of cases children of prisoners for lack of proper guidance  and  guardianship get deviated and choose the wrong paths. Apparently concerned over their plights, our Trust has started project for Paardhi Samaj children, educating them in schools, helping them to become a  better human being and earn  respect in the society, Bhaiyyuji Maharaj added.