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Silent Killer Disease: Free Diabetes check on World Diabetes Day


Pune (Nov. 12, 2014): Diabetes which is also called as "Silent Killer Disease” Because of Diabetes 40 million people in India have Diabetes and 6 people die every minute because of this Nutritional Disorder. The Complications of Diabetes is much worse than the Disease itself. To get a detective solution on this disease on 14th November 2014, World Diabetes Day a free check up is be organized by Nirmayee Nature Cure Centre in regards to Consultation, Diet Advice & Treatments of Diabetes.

 Diabetes is disease which affects to your body organs such as leading to heart attack stroke are the common cause of Death in a Diabetes patient and is the number one cause for kidney failure since it damages the small blood vessels of the kidney and the nerves throughout the body get affected leading to indigestion, erectile dysfunction etc.
Decreased vision or blindness also may result due to damage of blood vessels of eyes. Pain, tingling, Loss of feeling in the legs which may cause Injury to go un-noticed leading to serious Infections or amputation (removal) of the affected part. Diabetes patients have 25 percent more risk for amputation compared to others.

During Pregnancy if Diabetes occurs, weight of the baby may increase leading to problem in delivery and future diabetes in the children also Central Obesity (increased abdomen fat) is the main cause of Diabetes (Type 2) and 90 to 95 % of Diabetes Type 2 occurs in the middle age only. But unfortunately, many people don’t know that Exercise, Diet control can reduce Diabetes by 50 %.


NATUROPATHY & DIABETES: - Goal of Naturopathy treatments is to decrease the high level of glucose in the blood and to activate the Pancreas. Imagine both these are done naturally without any Medicines & Without any Side Effects!! Since Naturopathy doesn't view Diabetes as a Incurable Lifelong Disease but just as a Usual Metabolic Disorder.

Hip bath, Immersion bath, Steam bath, Gastro-hepatic pack, Foot bath with friction, 14 Jet Under water massage, Cold abdomen pack etc increases the metabolic rate and cleanses toxins...

MUD PACK & MUD BATH: - Increases Blood circulation.

DIABETIC MASSAGE: - Activate Pancreas naturally.

YOGA: - Activates all digestive organs and improves the functions of Pancreas & Liver.

Date: - 14th Nov 2014, World Diabetes Day

Venue: - Nirmayee Nature Cure Centre Organises a Free camp where Consultation, Diet Advice & Treatments will be absolutely FREE!!
Timings: 7 am to 7 pm