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Bishop’s School students conquer Mt Everest Base Camp


Pune (Nov. 18, 2014): On the 3rd of November, 2014, a team of 23 students & staff from the Bishop’s School Pune, made history by becoming the largest school contingent from India to have successfully completed the trek to Mt. Everest Base Camp in Nepal under the leadership of two city based mountaineers,Samir Patham and Sauraj Jhingan.

The Mt. Everest Base Camp which is at an elevation of 17,600 feet is a grueling 11 day expedition trek requiring strength, team work and intense amount of determination in order to ensure success. Representing their school as part of the Bishop’s School, Sesquicentennial (150 years) Celebration, the students on reaching the Everest Base Camp, located on the Khumbu glacier, paid homage to first the nation by singing the ‘National Anthem’ and then to the school, by singing the school song.  This is the second successful contingent from Bishop’s School to trek to the Everest Base Camp, within this year, as part of a cultural and adventure program.

The Everest Base Camp trek through Nepal is the very same route taken by Sir Edmond Hillary and Tenzing Norgay, the first men to climb Mt. Everest.  Rated by ‘Lonely Planet’ as one of the top 10 toughest high altitude treks in the world, this trek is known to have dissuaded much older and more experienced climbers and trekkers often forcing them to turn back before reaching their destination.   Extreme cold, snow and ice trails, very high altitude and 30-40% reduction in atmospheric oxygen are just some of the conditions over which trekkers must prevail.  Sauraj & Samir the expedition leaders, who have trekked to the Base camp more than a dozen times and are attempting to climb Mt. Everest next year, ensured their company Adventure-Pulse left no stone un-turned in ensuring 100% safety and success of the team.

“We had to be a lot more careful and vigilant with Kids, but they did brilliantly well setting a new record for their school and the country. It was a proud moment for us standing at the Everest Base camp with the entire team”, says Samir Patham, co-founder Adventure-Pulse.

Unlike the April 2014 team, of only 7 boys, the school was represented by a team of 21 students which even included 5 girls, of which 4 of them were from the Eleventh grade.  In additions, the team included boys from the Eight, Ninth and Eleventh grade of Bishop’s School along with two staff members.  They were also joined by Mr Anirudh Shrotriya, an Alumnus of the school who consented to join the team and share in this experience along with his daughter, Dhwani who is currently studying in Bishop’s School as well. The team departed from Pune on the 25th of October to Kathmandu, Nepal and the very next day commenced with the trek taking 8 days to journey through the Everest Valley to reach the Everest Base Camp located on the Khumbu glacier.  The same journey on the return took just 3 days as the decrease in altitude and increase in ambient oxygen, rejuvenated the team.  This truly would be an experience of a life time for all of these children.
Says Mrs Tania Gehani, mother of Viren Gehani, “We just wanted to thank the school and Adventure-Pulse for a fantastic time that Viren had on the trek. He just could not stop talking about the places and his experiences.  Thank you for looking after him and he has all praises for you and your team as well as the fantastic arrangements by you.   He loved your stories and experiences that you told them and the encouragement that you gave him throughout. It was great to be associated with you”.

Additional quotes from students who were a part of this expedition

  1. Urja Gandhi (Eleventh Grade): -   It was honestly the best time ever.  I was elated to be there standing at Mt. Everest Base Camp. Thanks to Adventure-Pulse and Bishop school to make this happen .
  2. Dhwani Shrotriyas ( Eight Grade) : -  During this thrilling EBC trek , I realized that the silence and peace of the mountains greatly fascinated me because “Where there is silence, there is Magnificence”. Thanks to Adventure-Pulse and Bishop school to make this happen.
  3. Dhruvi ( Eleventh Grader) : - The times I was proud here were many. When I woke up to the sunrise and went to sleep at the dusk in the frigid nights. When I stepped on to the ice and trekked for hours realising my inner strength. When I looked at the Day as a new beginning. When we sang Bishops song and National anthem and raised the banners knowing how united and fragile the life is here in these dusky ice mountains. And when I remember that now after its all over, I have choices and goals and dreams and they will lead me there again.
    In moments of isolation, I will think of these and will be proud. For all moments of personal challenges in paradise, I am proud to have reached there (EBC)  that bring me to such beauty and blessings. Thanks to Adventure-Pulse and Bishop school to make this happen.