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Gera’s ChildCentric Homes kickstarts ‘Meet theLegends’series with cricketing legend Anil Kumble


First among many initiatives to deliver the promise of providing holistic 360° approach to family living and best in class opportunities for children

Pune (Jan. 31, 2015): Gera’s ChildCentricTM Homes, a revolutionary award winning concept and an innovative solution in the residential real estate categoryunder the aegis of Gera Developments, one of the pioneers of the real estate business and the creators of premium residential and commercial projects in Pune, Goa &Bengaluru todaylaunched their ‘Meet the Legends’ series. The series isa unique initiativefor thefamiliesto meet andengage withthe world class celebrity coachesthey have partnered withto offer the best intellectual, physical and vocational coaching at the doorstep.The objective of this partnership is to provide a holistic upbringing for children. ‘Meet the Legends’ series was flagged off by thebowling legend and former captain of the Indian cricket team, Anil Kumbleand Rohit Gera, Managing Director, Gera Developments at a press conference in Pune, today.

Anil Kumble and Tenvic coaches held a master class session for cricket enthusiast children & parents. In a candid tête-à-tête with the CCHguests and media, Anil shared his thoughts on life, sports, business and leadership. Anil Kumble and his academy Tenvic, in its exclusive association with Gera’s ChildCentricTM Homeswill provide Gera’sChildCentric project residents in Pune and Bengaluru with an opportunity to avail of personalized training, mentoring, structured coaching and insights to excel at cricket.

Mr. Rohit Gera, MD, Gera Developmentswhile elaborating on the series and exclusive association said, “Anil’s visit to Pune marks the start of Gera’s ‘Meet The Legends’ series which will offerthe customers of Gera’s ChildCentricTM Homes an exclusive chance to meet with their role models, be inspiredand gain knowledgeable insights. The visits will also serve as a preview of the coaching expertise, amenities and services that will be provided by the celebrity academies at Gera’s ChildCentricTM Homes. Meet the Legends series is first among many endeavors to deliver on our promise to empower and enable parents and their children by offering a world of opportunity through such interesting platforms to learn from the best, grow in multiple dimensions, to explore and enjoy an enriching journey.”

Rohit further added that “We are extremely delighted to host the Indian Cricket legend Anil Kumble known for his outstanding cricketing achievements and vast experience and knowledge of the sport. I am confident that his views on various aspects of life - on and off field will enrich and add value to our cricket crazy kids and parents who have got a first-hand experience of learning the sport from the master himself. We want our customers to feel privileged and we believe this one on one experience with India’s most accomplished individuals associated with Gera’s ChildCentricTM Homeswill further enhance their belief in brand Gera and will bear a testament to long term customer loyalty.”

Commenting on the partnershipwith CCH and his master class in Pune, Anil Kumblesaid, “I am veryhappy to be connected with Gera’s path breakingChildCentricTMHomesconcept and to be able to nurture budding young cricketingtalentin Pune.Today’s Masterclass will be a showcase of the world class, personalized coaching we will be providing in the days to come with an assurance of long term commitment and quality. With the backing of a 40 year old pioneering brand like Gera Developments, we hope to provide Gera’s residents best-in-class learning experiences and coaching in a structured and scientific training environment.The world class infrastructure facilities of Gera’s ChildCentricTM Homes,along with our professional training will allow the children to honetheir skillsand realize their full potential in the convenience and safety of their homes.”

In order to promote the philosophy of ChildCentricTMHomesand reaffirm their commitment to customers, Gera will provide all resident children with beginner workshops which they can attend at their convenience. This will ensure that every child gets to experience the host of learning opportunities offered byall the academies at their projects. The innovative and prestigious world class concept based project is an ideal match and extension of the ethos and vision of these individual celebrity academies.Along with an array of amenities that ensure the child's holistic development, Gera’s Gera’sChildCentricTM Homesis a never before seen proposition in the residential real estate space.It creates more time and therefore opportunity for children by eliminating travel time and expenses to and from various classes. Helps reduce the stress in the lives of the parents and allays child safety concerns since facilities are available on campus and most importantly ChildCentricTMhomes offer the opportunity to build better relationships amongst parents and children.