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Whoever wins in Sri Lanka should address Tamil issues: Jolly


New Delhi (Jan. 07, 2015): Senior BJP Leader Vijay Jolly in a communication to President of Sri Lanka Mahinda Rajapaksha and Joint Opposition Presidential nominee Maithripala Sirisena wished good luck & good wishes on the eve of Sri Lanka Presidential polls scheduled on Thursday, 8th January 2015.

Whoever wins in Sri Lanka polls should first address the Tamil issues demanded BJP leader Vijay Jolly in his communication to both the contesting Sri Lanka leaders.

The conduct of the peaceful, free & fair elections is necessary for democracy and peace loving citizens of Sri Lanka. India is ever thankful to the Govt. of Sri Lanka for Presidential pardon from death penalty to five convicted Indian fisherman stated Mr. Jolly.     

The proposed 13th amendment, devolution of powers within the frame work of Sri Lanka constitution, re-starting dialogue with Tamil National Alliance leaders and settlement of all pending Tamil issues is necessary for everlasting peace in Sri Lanka conveyed Senior BJP leader Mr. Jolly to Mahinda Rajapaksha & Maithripala Sirisena.

Mr. Jolly also stressed for promoting religious & cultural tourism, Buddhist circuit trail in India and Hindu Ram – Sita circuit trail in Sri Lanka for close friendship & connectivity between the two nations after the bitterly contested Presidential elections.