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Karate Champion feels India is the best place for fitness


India is the best place to be for fitness

Pune (Nov. 12, 2014): Double Olympiad, World Karate Champion and European Karate Champion Dr. Crispin Lamont thinks that India is the best place to be for fitness industry. A British ( Scotland ) by origin ,  Lamont after serving as an officer in the British Infantry Lamont built fitness and wellness clubs for Arabian and European Monarchs, Russian Oligarchs, Maldivian 5 star resorts and held CEO roles for some of the largest fitness companies in the world.  As a Sports Professional he is a Karate World Champion, Karate European Champion, represented his country for slalom downhill skiing and hold a Guinness World Record in Spinning. At the age of fourty he has come down to India with a concept of MultiFit chain of gyms by teaming up with Elite team of fitness professionals , the first of which has been inaugurated at Kalyaninagar. Based on “Constantly Varied - High Intensity – Functional Movement. MultiFit combines weight training with cardio vascular training that works for all ages or abilities of fitness based on sports science that believes body structure is a by-product of internal health. 

Dr Lamont believes that everybody can’t have a physique like Salman Khan, one must understand his or her body type and select the exercises. India is the youngest country and that makes fitness so much important. But for some reason the dropout percentage is high and many people don’t continue with regular fitness routine after a particular age. So the right type of guidance according to the body type and endurance is essential and therefore there is a huge scope for fitness in India. The diversity of India makes fitness more exciting and the best place to be. But in the end fitness should be fun mixed with social activities so that the continuity remains.  We don’t have treadmills in our gym , what we have is spinning , weights and a special workout called as Tabata which involves Jumping Jacks, Box Jumping, Pull Ups, Punching, Ropes, Weight Bag lifting, TRX, Kettle Bell lifting etc in a continuous ans simultaneous sequence as a group exercise.

Dr Lamont says that moving forward  he wants to work with  school children especially from economically weaker sections of the society to develop sports and fitness culture .

MultiFit Elite Fitness Training, a brand new concept of fitness for India that is fun, sociable and gets results quicker. Based upon “Constantly Varied - High Intensity – Functional Movement” MultiFit combines weight training with cardio vascular training that works for all ages or abilities of fitness based on sports science that believes body structure is a by-product of internal health.  Combining MultiSpin “World Class Indoor Cycling” we follow beat based routines resulting in a 23% additional gain to a traditional indoor cycling class - Our bikes are stated as the best indoor cycles in the world reported to be used by President Obama

Speaking on the occasion Dr Crispin Lamont said that Indian Fitness industry is at crossroads and waiting to explode. The fitness industry in India is exciting, brilliant and full of promise. Functional Fitness, nutritional understanding and a desire to be healthy for a better life is firmly in the Indian psychology. However building and operating a gym is a specialized skill which requires safe sports science training and this is the aspect which is unique to Multifit Our local and international trainers are World Champion, Military Special Forces or State Level Athletes bringing the highest level of Functional Fitness Training possible. MultiFit shortens the time spent in the gym for this fast paced world with structured training methods for all fitness levels, genders and age groups.

Tai Moscovich, Director at MultiFit Elite Fitness Training said that Most of the times a less fit person will think twice before stepping into a large gym. At MultiFit everyone is greeted with a hand shake a smile and friendly family approach. People do not go to MultiFit people do MultiFit and we call them MultiFiters™. MultiFit does have a social side running activity clubs, morning jogs, bowling nights and fun parties. At MultiFit there are no televisions to distract the exercise. At MultiFit you are family.

Dr Lamont added that in MultiFit one won’t find treadmills, but a combination of spinning, weight training and functional activities.