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Padmashree Lila Poonawalla to now chair the Board of Governors of IIT Ropar (Rupnagar), Punjab


Pune (Nov. 4, 2014): The President of India in his capacity of a Visitor of IIT Ropar through Government of India Ministry of Human Resource Development Department of Higher Education has appointed Padmashree Lila Poonawalla as the Chairperson of the Board of Governors of Indian Institute of Technology, Ropar for a period of three years. 

In view of the current scenario, the need of the hour is to encourage more women leaders to take on key responsible roles in the technical field . Mrs. Lila Poonawalla, the first women mechanical engineer, working passionately towards leading Indian ladies ahead through her foundation Lila Poonawalla Foundation, will certainly add value to this position. This honour is for recognizing her contribution in this field.