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'The Feminine Frontier a Literary Journey' to be organized by St. Mira's, Pune


Pune (Jan. 31, 2015): To discuss and combat the traditional notions of gender, Pune based St. Mira's College for Girls is organizing a symposium called 'The Feminine Frontier'. As a part of this symposium a play 'The Feminine Frontier - a Literary Journey'  will be held on Saturday, 7th February, 2015 at 6.00pm at St. Mira's College Auditorium in association with Expressions Unlimited.

The theatre experience of 'The Feminine Frontier - a Literary Journey' is directed by  Mahrukh Bharucha of Expressions Unlimited. The Feminine Frontier is a collage of feminist literature through the ages, from ancient Greek to modern day and brings it to life with performances. The play is a series of extracts from literature being performed with a clear theme connecting all the greatest writers whose works have survived the tests of time. Purnima Kulkarni will introduce viewers to the play before it starts.

St. Mira’s College for Girls has transformed many women's lives by empowering them through quality education and by creating a plethora of possibilities for them to survive in this male chauvinistic society. Expressions Unlimited is a premier training institute in the fields of Speech, Drama and Communication Skills.

Teachers and students (boys and girls) from all colleges are welcome to this symposium along with  all the professionals. Registration is compulsory for this  symposium.