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India gets new hauling technology through Moto Stair


Pune (Dec. 04, 2014): The stair climbing hand trucks have been around since 40 years in the global market, but unfortunately India didn’t have them until now. PAN India Distributors has played an important role in bringing this technology to India by availing the distributorship of Moto Stair from L.P. International Inc., Canada.

These stair climbing hand trucks by Moto Stair can haul heavy objects over the staircase with the help of a single operator, cutting down the multiples of man power required to haul a heavy object to one.

As mentioned by Mr. Ammol Kandoi, PAN India Distr. “these machines can haul objects weighing from 100 Kg (220 lbs) to 680 Kg (1500 lbs) in one go over the staircase of a 20 storey building.” The weight is hauled by a mechanical drivescrew made especially for these machines in Germany. The system is powered by powerful dry cell batteries which have the life span of 7 to 8 years and can be fully charged in mere 4 hrs. The assembly and manufacturing is done in Ontario, Canada.

Right now the Moto Stair have introduced 12 models of stair climbing hand trucks in India, ranging from 2 Lakh to 4 Lakh rupees.