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Muvi Studio Raised 0.5 Million USD in Funding, Launch their VoD Platform


Mumbai (Jan. 08, 2015): Muvi Studio, a technology start-up in India has received 0.5 million USD in funding from Exelanz, a USA based cloud computing company. Muvi Studio has also launched their Video on Demand (VoD) platform for the worldwide entertainment industry. Exelanz has committed up to $1 million USD funding in Muvi. If needed, Muvi will also go for fund raising from other VC firms, in USA and India.

Muvi Studio has already partnered with MAA TV, ISKCON and a leading Marathi movie production house to provide them online presence. Muvi will be expanding globally in 2015. It already is in advanced stages of discussion with several media companies in USA and Europe (UK, Spain and Norway) and will launch 5+ streaming sites within next 3 months.

In Q2 of 2015, Muvi will launch mobile and TV apps. Basically, a media company can have their own branded streaming site, mobile app and TV app, all at zero upfront investment.

Muvi Studio is a one-of-its kind offering in the entertainment market which allows video content owners like movie and TV productions, TV channels and video content aggregators to launch their own-branded Video on demand (VoD) platform in just a few hours with a ZERO CapEx cost!

Muvi Studio works on the Platform-as-a-service (PaaS) model and it offers the content owner everything required to launch their own-branded video streaming site, as well as apps for mobile, tablet and smart TVs by taking care of the coding, managing hosting on the cloud, user management, payment gateway integrations, database management, state of the art security with video encryption and Digital rights management (DRM) to fend off pirates as well as offering in-built marketing tools which makes it easier for content owners to start marketing their site in no time.

Mr. Nagender Polamraju, VP, Business Development & Partnerships, Muvi Studio said, "With Muvi Studio, we bring in the cloud infrastructure that supports hosting the video content with some really cool audience management features. Video content owners can launch their own branded Video-on-demand (VoD) platform in just a couple of hours and with Zero CapEx cost. Rest is up to the content owners, they control everything."

Partnered brand owners have the option of customizing the look and feel of the entire website with just a few clicks. Plus, have complete control on the pricing (how much to charge for the content), rights and distribution (limit by territory and timeframe) thus putting them in the driver’s seat instead of relying on 3rd party streaming websites to go-online. The content owners just need to launch their VoD platform, upload their video content and start marketing. It’s that simple!