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Aneel Murarka appointed as FRD Chairman at NASEOH- Synergizing Abilities

Dec. 04, 2014: Industrialist and philanthropist Aneel Murarka plants another feather on his cap. Industrialist and philanthropist Aneel Murarka appointed as the FRD- chairman at Naseoh- Synergizing Abilities to create a WORLD of difference.

Holding a penchant and an avid believer of “Giving it back to the society”, Aneel Murarka branches his reach in order to help the society in every way possible.

Aneel Murarka on being appointed as the FRD- Chairman mentions “It gives me a sense of happiness and satisfaction to offer help to differently able people. I firmly believe these people shouldn’t be deprived if any happiness because according to me they are no different from us. Being appointed as a Chairman at Naseoh gives me a chance to extend help in every way possible. There is going to be a revolution in terms of supporting and helping people”

Naseoh is a concept of creating an umbrella organization emerged as a result of conference held in 1968 on “Rehabilitation of the Differently abled”.

Group of eminent professionals, Doctors, Social Workers came together to establish – National Society for Equal Opportunities for the Handicapped, a society with great vision to serve the cause of persons with disabilities. As a registered organization on 9th Day of December, 1968 (NASEOH) commenced its work.

The primary aim is to create comprehensive rehabilitation opportunities for the persons with disabilities so as to facilitate integration into the mainstream of the society and to enrich the life of persons with disabilities as well as the interfacing individuals and community”.

The ultimate vision Naseoh holds is to be an apex body, with 25% of its services in the field of direct intervention. To establish a state of the art resource center, networking with various direct and indirect stakeholders in the cause of the disabled to fulfill the mission of the organization.