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Internationally Acclaimed Author & Management Expert from UK to hold ‘Accelerated Success Techniques ® ‘ Workshop in Pune


Pune (Nov. 9, 2014): Internationally Acclaimed Author & Management Expert, Success Coach Nilesh aka Nilesh Waghchoude, a Puneite based in London, UK, will be holding his unique workshop on ‘Accelerated Success Techniques ®’ (in Pune on Sunday, January 18th 2015).

This is a one day workshop, aiming to help the participants Reach Faster from where they are to where they want to be in their life, career and business.

These techniques are the set of Tools and Strategies, used in precise combination to reduce the time to your success.

Nilesh Waghchoude aka Success Coach Nilesh is the World's leading and most reliable Success Coach. He is also The Branding Expert and Creator of Accelerated Success Techniques ®.

His famous books are
‘Go For Success: Become a Champion by 6 Effective Steps’

‘My Apple is Branded: The Step by Step Guide to Build Your Rich and Successful Brand...Faster!’ and

‘Do These 4 Things: Progress Faster and Achieve More (This book is available for FREE on his website www.SuccessCoachNilesh.com)’

In Accelerated Success Techniques workshop, Nilesh will share the carefully chosen Best of the Bests ‘Accelerated Success Techniques’ which will help the participants Progress Faster and Achieve More Results in their personal life, professional life or business.

”This workshop will show you how you can start from anywhere in your life and get to your dreams, aims, goals and ambitions. It will help you identify what is stopping you from achieving success and how to overcome it to get the career, lifestyle, business success and relationships you truly want. These techniques will help you in achieving Sustainable Success”, beams Nilesh Waghchoude, who has coached and consulted CEOs, Directors, Managers, Students, and Entrepreneurs, etc., not only in UK and India but also for worldwide clients.

So far, through ‘Accelerated Success Techniques’, Nilesh has helped his clients in the following areas:

·        To get the Job they really want
·        To get the Promotion and pay rise they were aiming for
·        Improving their Leadership, Communication, Public Speaking and Management skills
·        Growing their Self Confidence and make them More Efficient and Productive
·        Getting Freedom from their Fears and Stress
·        And Many More topics to suit his clients’ Special Needs.

“It all started in 2009 when I got laid off in UK. I was deep down both financially and emotionally. Then I realized that Professional Education has helped me Proceed but I must take the Life Education to really Succeed in my life. Then I started studying rich and successful people from all over the world and researched what do they do different than low or no achievers. I started sharing my experience in my one to one coaching sessions which led to consulting and training. I do what I do because I “love” it. It helps people change their lives and by working with me it happens faster”, says 33 year old Nilesh, who to date has touched thousands of lives.

Nilesh has a bachelor’s degree in engineering, from COEP. He has also completed his MBA and Corporate & Executive Coaching qualifications in UK.

He has spoken at London Youth Conference, London Business School, Bradford School of Management, Maharashtra Mandal London, Junior Chamber International, UK, and back home in Pune at College of Engineering Pune- COEP, and for The Lila Poonawala Foundation, etc.

Some of his clients worked for prestigious companies such as Tata, Wipro, Infosys, Pfizer, Cummins, Ford, Bharat Petroleum, Jaguar, Philips, etc.

The workshop to be held in Pune invites any individual between the ages of 18 to 55 - whether working professionals, students, housewives, entrepreneurs, corporates and business people, to participate.

“You’ll derive the benefits of achieving your personal goals faster using the Accelerated Success Techniques®. I’m sure this will also help you change your Financial Life, Faster, Forever”, sums up the expert coach.

Learn more about Nilesh and his workshops at www.SuccessCoachNilesh.com