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Peek ľa- Boo Institute for Pre School Education organized its colorful concert on "Palette of Colors"

Feb. 02, 2015: Light, music and magic are the ingredients of Peek-a-boo's 15th year Celebration. Colors were one of the most fulfilling elements on the Sunday Morning. Expression, Color recognition, Building motor skills, Focus, Boundaries, milestones was the element of the bright Sunday sunshine.

Peek –a- Boo Institute for Pre School Education organized its colorful concert on "PALETTE OF COLORS" spearheaded by Sangini Lalwani, Deepali Shah and Darshini Shah. Concert 2015 included Array of colors where toddlers danced to the various tunes depicting each color and its importance; the stage unfolded feelings and moods and created a magical energy of colors.

Renowned singer Abhijeet Bhattacharya along with Sunil Padwal and Aneel Murarka graced concert 2015 "Palette of Colors" as the guest of honor in order to boost the morale of the children.

The extravaganza was witnessed by crème-de-la-crème crowd from various walks of life including Principals, teachers, coordinators, educationist, staff members, parents and children. The extravaganza saw the star studded line from the Bollywood industry including kavita verma dressed in pastels ,Smita Gondkar ,Shweta Khanduri 

The concert 2015 "PALETTE OF COLORS" was displayed through music & movement & will have choreographed Dances, Acts, plays as well as special Entertaining programs for children handled professionally.  Nothing matters except the moment, and the moment is high and heady, unbelievably joyous!

Renowned singer Abhijeet Bhattacharya who came in to boost the morale of the children, exclaims “What better to welcome Sunday morning with these kids. It’s such a delight to watch the children dance and add joy to life. Sanhini Lalwani, Deepali Shah and Darshini Shah are doing a wonderful job by conducing such concert which helps to boost the confidence in a child. This is the most innovative way prepare the kids for the future without adding any sort of pressure on them. I wish them all the luck and love for the future and look forward to more such concerts”.

Industrialist and Philanthropist Aneel Murarka who stands as firm as the pillar of support for the betterment of the children, says “What an innovative way to teach children through interactive studies. I am an avid believer that education and extra curriculum activities should be mandatorily encouraged in the country. I will always come forth in support of such innovative and unique concepts to leave no stone unturned to encourage bright future for the children of the country”.

Spearheaded by Sangini Lalwani, she says “PEEK –A- BOO INSTITUTE FOR PRE SCHOOL EDUCATION our soul motive is to prepare children for a better and brighter tomorrow in the most fun way possible. Our innovative and play based curriculum is scientifically researched with education guidelines set across the globe to maximize development of children during their early childhood years.  “PALATTE OF COLORS” is a step towards our vision”

Spearheaded by Deepali Shah, she says “PEEK –A- BOO INSTITUTE FOR PRE SCHOOL EDUCATION is a leading educational institute which comprises of Preschool and Creative Arts Club. In a warm, nurturing classroom filled with inviting materials, we help the children to blossom intellectually and creatively and socially. The students are encouraged to make choices, ask questions, try new experiences and find new friends. We work together with parents to help children reach their development and educational objectives”    

Spearheaded by Darshini Shah, she says “PEEK –A- BOO INSTITUTE FOR PRE SCHOOL EDUCATION sets the foundation for a child’s future, giving them just the right start and experience needed not only for elementary school but also for the overall development for child’s personality as an adult. We at Peek-a-boo recognize and appreciate the physical, mental and emotional needs of these children; and strive to provide an environment that will help these little cubs grow as the king of the jungle”