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Nimrat Kaur visits Sanskriti school annual function – ‘Pratibimb’ 2014


Pune (Dec. 31, 2014): The School Annual function of Sanskriti School with the theme ‘Pratibimb’ 2014 was conducted in the newly built Amphitheater in the premises of Sanskriti School –which is the largest school Amphitheatre in Pune.

The main theme of the function was ‘International Cultures’ and the function had performances showcasing various cultural activities from many different countries including a Russian folk dance, Persian Dance, Drama – To kill a mockingbird, German Song, Japanese Drums & a Combination of Flamenco and Kathak. 

Sanskriti School currently has 1300 students and witnessed performances by students from various age groups.

Students at Sanskriti School celebrated various other activities on the occasion of Annual Day such as World Television Day, World Transport Day, World Cartoon Day, World Animal Day and activities and projects conducted under ISA (International School Award) organized by British Council.

The motto behind the theme ‘Pratibimb’ was an attempt to show how you can understand other countries by seeing the reflection of their culture in their art forms, dance forms and languages.

Sanskriti School is one of the leading CBSE schools of Pune and has an active program of developing its students as global citizens with an international outlook. International dance forms, art forms and languages are an integral part of the school curriculum

“Sanskriti School believes in a multi-sensory model of learning where dance, theatre, art and other extra-curricular activities are an integral part of the curriculum. It is more of a learning experience for the school children who get an opportunity to be part of the various performances” said   DevyaniMungali – Founder of Sanskriti School.

“Delighted to visit a wonderful school like Sanskriti where theatre, performing arts and extra-curricular activities are taken so seriously by its talented children”- said NimratKaur – Film Actress & Theatre Personality.

Sanskriti School is launching a new campus in Nagar Road in January 2015. This shall be the biggest school campus in Eastern Pune with many unique facilities like horse riding, robotics, aermodellling etc.