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“1 for 3 campaign to target Mouth & Throat Cancer”


Dr Mrinal Supriya, Pune’s first and only exclusive Head and Neck Cancer Surgeon

Pune (Jan. 14, 2015): In an unique initiative, the Grant Medical Foundation’s Ruby Hall Clinic is joining hands with DrMrinalSupriya, Pune’s first and only exclusive Head and Neck Cancer Surgeon to spread awareness on the commonest and most widespread cancer of all: Mouth and Throat Cancer that affects as many as one out of three cancer patients!

The “1 for 3 campaign” against Mouth and Throat cancer aims to initially create maximum awareness on this health scourge over a three month period between January 15, 2015 to April 15, 2015. A special OPD will be dedicated to the 1 for 3 campaign between 11 am and 1 pm at the Main Ruby Hall Hospital on Sassoon Road, and between 2 pm to 4 pm at Ruby Hall, Wanowrie. Equipped with the latest equipment for diagnosis and treatment, the OPD will offer a 20 per cent discount on diagnosis. Every Wednesday, consultation will be free of cost.

With over 10 years of experience behind him, DrMrinalSupriya is a noted Consultant Head and Neck Cancer and advanced ENT Surgeon, who has worked at top-ranking hospitals of world repute in America, United Kingdom and Australia, before taking up his current designation as Head and Neck Cancer/ENT Consultant at Ruby Hall Clinic and Sahyadri Hospital in Pune. He is amongst the rare doctors who have worked as a consultant in NHS, UK. His main areas of interest are Head and Neck Cancer, Facial Reconstruction and cosmetic, Thyroid/Parathryoid, Sleep Disorder apart from advanced Endoscopic Sinus and Skull Base Surgery.

Addressing the press at PatrakarBhavan, MrBomiBhote, CEO Ruby Hall Clinic said: “At Ruby Hall Clinic, we have always been committed to quality health care and creating public awareness on pressing medical issues. The 1 for 3 campaign will not only acquaint Puneites  withDrMrinalSupriya and his work, but also create awareness on a health issue that is by and large, underestimated. “

He continued: “ Mouth and Throat Cancer is the number 1 cause of cancer related deaths in Indian males. The grim statistics do not end there. Only about 25 per cent of mouth and throat cancer patients will be alive in the next 5 years. However, the good news is that early diagnosis and correct treatment by Head and Neck Cancer Specialist can help matters in a big way. My aim is to increase awareness and provide the treatment that head and neck cancer patients would receive by me in USA, UK or Australia so that they have the best possible treatment  and care.”

For his part, DrMrinalSupriya said: “My training and experience with various hospitals in the US, UK, Australia and India allow me to offer the best possible treatment plan to my patients. In the field of cancer, I specialize exclusively in the treatment of head and neck cancer. This allows me to focus all my skills, experience and energy in management of head and neck cancer. In case a surgery is required, you not only have the best chance of getting rid of the cancer, but also the least possible side effects and complications from the operation.”

He added: “The quality of surgery is crucial to achieving a successful cure. The life you enjoy post-treatment therefore, depends not just on being cancer-free, but also on not damaging any normal structures within the patients’ body.  Over the next three months, I hope to reach out to as many patients as possible. In case of those who test positive, I assure them of a customized treatment plan keeping in mind their unique circumstances.”

Some of the giveaway symptoms of Mouth and Throat Cancer include: lumps/swelling in your neck, face or throat accompanied by pain in the areas, red or white patches in the mouth or throat, difficulty in chewing and swallowing followed by weight loss due to the same, impaired vision/seeing double, voice changes and breathing difficulties, blood  in your mouth and throat, or from your nose. If any of these persist for over 3 weeks, it’s time to see a doctor.

DrSupriya further expressed the hope that the 1 for 3 campaign would serve the dual purpose of spreading education on the problem of Mouth and Throat Cancer, apart from initiating an ongoing dialogue on the subject. “ For instance, how many people know that it’s not just tobacco and alcohol consumption, but also a specific virus called HPV that can afflict those who do not smoke or drink? Asking questions is basic to getting the right answers with regard to both the causes and cure of Mouth and Throat Cancer. Towards that end, I have created a website -www.entcancercare.com to give reliable scientific information." he said.