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Shaddi Ka MC: Sidís rap spicenupí the Big Fat Indian Weddings


Pune (Nov. 29, 2014): India is famous for its glamorous Big Fat Indian Weddings; one may have seen many of these weddings and would have enjoyed it to its content. But if you put MC Sid in one you would get an unforgettable wedding experience; a mix & twist of Eminem and Russell Peters.

Siddhart Sood aka MC Sid started his journey from being a freestyle rapper to a VJ to a wedding rapper. His path towards rapping was paved while he was trying to impress a girl by cranking up Eminem on his car stereo, and rapping along. The only problem was, he didn’t know the words and usually just made them up. When he realized that the girl’s friend was duly impressed with this, instead of her, he kept at it trying to impress the later, making up words and rapping about things around him.

When he realized what he was doing is called freestyle rap, Sid took to the stage. During a show in Mumbai, he was spotted by a wedding planner who asked him if he would perform at weddings. His response at that time was, “If you pay me, I’ll sing in your bathroom.”

According to Sid wedding rapper is more than a standup comedian and a MC (host). Wedding rapper has to improvise on stage, put in lots of humor and make everything fun. While performing Sid interacts and engage with the audience making the performance one of a kind. Sid explains that he follows the SRK’s entertainment formula which is “fun, entertaining and everyone should come out saying ‘boss maza aya’”

He has performed at several private parties, anniversary celebrations and kitty parties. He has also performed at destination weddings and pool parties in places all over the world, including Madrid, Bangkok, Colombo and Hong Kong.

Sid has also launched a comic on his FB page called MC SID - RAZZ..!!! and is planning to launch a rap album in the near future.