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Quality-oriented education can transform India into one of the leading nations of the world, says President


Pune (Nov. 26, 2014): The President of India, Shri Pranab Mukherjee attended the Centenary Celebrations of Shiksha Mandal today (November 26, 2014) at Wardha.

Speaking on the occasion, the President pointed out the importance of Wardha in the freedom struggle and said Wardha reverberates with history. It is suffused with spirit of the freedom struggle. Wardha is about the power of simplicity, the power of ideas, the power of commitment and of Gandhiji’s ashram in Sevagram at the outskirts of Wardha.

The President said a quality-oriented education system is the force multiplier that shall transform India into one of the leading nations of the world. India’s future and that of the world it hopes to lead, as a great and powerful nation, is in the hands of its youth. The demographic dividend of its youth can only be reaped through educational institutions that commit themselves to delivering appropriate learning environments. The quality of the faculty is critical. A culture of excellence must be promoted in our academic institutions. We need to develop a system wherein those that deliver quality are supported. We must use education as a means to ensure inclusion and equality for all citizens.