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“Stellar Signs” – by Manjiri Prabhu: India’s first Astro-detective series


Pune (Jan. 17, 2015): Stellar Signs, India`s first astro-detective series authored by  Manjiri  Prabhu  will be out at Bookstores and through the online portals soon. The author Manjiri Prabhu had an interaction with the media today at an exclusive preview and shared details about the upcoming book.

About the Book : Join Sonia Samarth and her Stellar Investigations Detective Agency, as they confront a rash of baffling misdeeds plaguing the city of Pune and solve them as only they can with the unique combination of traditional Indian wisdom, modern day detection and ancient astrology.

After a slow start to the new year, Sonia Samarth`s crime solving services are in high demand. There is the bride whose arranged marriage may include murderous in-laws, the theatrical team whose stars foretell domestic danger. The better part is Sonia has an opinionated assistant Jatin to help, except that even he may be caught up in the unlawful fray.  Fortunately it takes more than a few misguided souls not to mention a preposterous proposal from the world’s most notorious diamond thief to rattle this yoga practicing, astrologically inspired sleuth.

“This is for the first time Scientific Astrology and that too Indian Vedic Astrology is coupled with Investigative Techniques or Crime Solving Methods in Literature.  The main protagonist or the Sleuth / Detective/ Private Investigator in both these books is a young Indian female breaking the stereotype of Male detectives”, said Manjiri Prabhu.

The style of writing could be termed as ‘Serialized Novel’ where different independent stories are interwoven into the thread of the main plot or a main. 

The most important factor is the use of Astrological techniques are applied not as some superstitious beliefs or as a magic wand but as a scientific tool to solve many of life’s problems including crime investigation.