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Tabla and Beyond Music Institute’s Tabla Full-Immersion Retreat Camp


Jan. 05, 2015: Anup Joshi’s Tabla and Beyond Music Institute presents "Tabla Full-Immersion Retreat Camp". The Camp will be conducted from Friday 9th Jan 2014 evening to Sunday 11th Jan 2014 evening at the calm and serene Garud Machi. Tabla Full-Immersion Retreat Camp is a get together of music, art driven people at a beautiful location, focused on learning, listening, giving and receiving. The camp is conduct for beginners, intermediate, advance level Tabla, Rhythm, Music, Art Students. The sessions involved during 3 days of workshop are Riyaz Sessions, Documentary Screening, Discussions and Performances

Tabla and Beyond Music Institute is the brain child of known Tabla Player Anup Joshi who is a disciple of Tabla Maestro Ustad Zakir Hussain. This is the third successful year that Anup Joshi is being conducting this workshop for all the music, art students and connoisseurs.

“There are stones and more stones and then there is the Diamond. There are stars and more stars. And then there is the Sun. Something rise beyod the ordinary and define shine. Some people rise beyond the ordinary and become Legends. 'TABLA And BEYOND’s Tabla Full-Immersion Retreat Camp where perfection is not an aim. It is where the journey begins,” is what Anup Joshi thinks.

City based Sarod player Anupam Joshi who has attended past camps says, “The Riyaaz, which often starts early in the morning at four, is taken seriously by the students for it requires intensity, discipline and commitment for years and forms an important component in the Guru - Shishya parampara (teacher-student tradition).”

Here at the Camp all the students focus on one single thing for good three days and understand the different aspects and intricacies involved in it, he further added.