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Private security company Topsgrup puts forward public-private partnership proposal to CM of Maha


Topsgrup explained how the company's trademark Total Security Solutions model would provide a cost-effective, support mechanism for the government and police force 

Mumbai (Jan. 27, 2015): In a pioneering development set to blaze a trail in enhanced security provision across the State of Maharashtra, the CEO and Vice Chairman of Topsgrup, India's largest and leading private security company, Mr Ramesh Iyer met with the Hon. Chief Minister of Maharashtra Devendra Fadnavis to put forward a proposal explaining how Topsgrup could support the home ministry and police force in creating a safe and secure state by potentially forming a Public-Private Partnership. In so doing, Topsgrup would work with the government to design a bespoke total security solutions delivery model covering areas such as traditional man guarding, high level/discrete strategic consultancy and technological innovations. 

The meeting was a follow up to a number of ongoing discussions between Topsgrup and officials from the State of Maharashtra, fast-tracked following the security breach around the recent Uber car case incident. 

Mr Iyer personally went through the facets of the proposal in detail with Hon. Chief Minister of Maharashtra Devendra Fadnavis, who expressed interest in how a Total Security Solutions could actually be a cost-effective method, whereby Topsgrup and the State could work together in a collaborative manner. TOPSGRUP already provides a number of services in partnership with the Government, including background checks for all Pan Card Holders across India, a Government initiative, which Topsgrup has been managing successfully for several years. Topsgrup handles 90 per cent of the overall cases on Pan Card verifications.

Speaking about the proposal, Mr Ramesh Iyer said: "Private-Public Partnerships are increasingly becoming an important tool that can be utilised to deliver public services to its optimum level in India, in our case, provide security and assist the Government to develop principles for the institutional and procedural treatment to ensure safety at all levels. 

With our conceptualization and submission of a quality yet cost-effective proposal to the State Government and a discussion initiated with Hon. Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis, we hope our proposal will be accepted and implemented. 

The State Government has been at the forefront of pioneering solutions to better safeguard the community. For example, many CCTV cameras have been installed across all stations in Maharashtra with support from private security officers, that have proven very effective in controlling crime and related activities across the State. Such collaborative partnerships which help to reduce crime and make citizens feel more safe, should be welcomed.

The new Government of India has demonstrated solid resolve that they will do everything they can in their power to avoid any future security breaches, such as was the disturbing crime surrounding the Uber car case most recently.

The effectiveness of this proposed public-private sector alignment will only scale to newer heights and we are confident we will be able to add value to the Government's plans. At Topsgrup, we are very excited with this proposed partnership and look forward to delivering excellence in every sector."

The collaboration between private security companies and the Government was welcomed by the Home Minister of India recently during a noted industry conference by FICCI, where he stated that there are plans to coach 50 lakh private security guards in India to man premises such as corporate offices and malls, where they will act as the 'eyes and ears' of India's 15 lakh police personnel. A Public-Private Partnership in the State of Maharashtra would mean more trained security personnel working alongside the police force and other Government officials to reduce crime, develop more proactive and preventative security protocols and overall help to decrease costs, as safety standards increase.  

Topsgrup has been leading the trend between public forces and private security companies collaborating together to create a Total Security Solutions delivery model to protect India. Topsgrup has worked with the Government on a number of initiatives earlier: TOPSLINE 1252, the first emergency response service in Mumbai, was launched by the CM of Maharashtra, Sushil Kumar Shinde and is supported by the Government of Maharashtra and police authority. TOPSLINE officers were on the frontline during the Mumbai terror attacks working with the police to save over 150 lives. Earlier, Topsgrup undertook a successful venture where they positioned hundreds of TOPS security officers to work with and support the police force on the streets to manage traffic. Furthermore, Topsgrup always support and work with the police and other authorities during major festivals across Western India, such as Ganpati and Navratri celebrations.

The Private Public Partnership trend does not just reside in India alone and is successful on an international level. In the UK, 14 prisons across the country are secured by private security companies; in the USA, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) through the Science & Technology Directorate (S&T) initiated an innovative commercialization-based public-private partnership called the System Efficacy through Commercialization, Utilization, Relevance and Evaluation (SECURE™) Program. The SECURE Program leverages resources, experience and expertise to develop and deliver fully deployable solutions aligned to the detailed operational requirements of DHS’ many stakeholders; and in Canada, the largest federal government accommodation P3 project ever awarded in Canada was to DCC (Defence Construction Canada) for procuring a new state-of-the-art, high security facility in Ottawa.