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Vishwakarma Aegle Medical Foundation: Working towards a Diabetes free society


Pune (Nov. 20, 214): The Diabetes program came into inception, collectively, with the Vishwakarma Aegle Medical Foundation in collaboration with the EMORY University based in Atlanta, USA. For the community, this program imparts all the necessary information, advancements, resources, tools and self-help guides related to the prevention and control of diabetes in society. Apart from this, the program also offers comprehensive and specialized diabetes certifications for clinicians, aspiring diabetologists and medical professionals to boost their prospects in the field of Diabetes.

The Vishwakarma Institutes as a collective is prominently recognized as one of the premier educational establishments in the western region of India. The vision at the Aegle Clinic, located in Pune, is, to identify early, treat aggressively and prevent disabilities through modern healthcare. The Emory University located in Atlanta is recognized internationally for its outstanding offerings in liberal arts, medical, graduate and professional schools. Emory Healthcare is the largest and most comprehensive health system in Georgia.     

This program was launched in the city with an event hosting eminent spokespersons like Dr. Purvez Grant – Managing Trustee and Chief Cardiologist, Ruby Hall Clinic, Pune, Dr. Sanjay Agarwal, DG. Vivek Aranha and Mr. Bharat Agarwal, Managing Director, VIT.

Bharat Agarwal, Managing Director, VIT informed that the program will have two concepts, one of Patient education and the other of creating Health Managers and Support Staff. He further added, “Manu laurels have been associated with us since the past thirty years, upon which we were suggested to foray into the medical field and this conceptualized Vishwakarma Aegle Medical Foundation. Our primary motive is to spread awareness amongst the public regarding diabetes. We as educators remain so by educating and spreading cognizance. Since this has a lot to do with being a social cause we have collaborated with the Rotary club of Pune too.”

Vishwakarma Aegle Medical & Research Foundation (VAMRF) is offering to provide a comprehensive process for Awareness, Early Detection, Prevention, and Control & Care for Diabetes through Education.

Dr. Purvez Grant, Managing Trustee and Chief Cardiologist, Ruby Hall Clinic, Pune, informed, “Diabetes is a huge problem, and 10% of Pune’s population is diabetic. It is a silent killer. Behaviorally, it is observed in the richer sections of the society. Out of the top 10 richest in Pune, 4 are diabetic. Diabetes is a cause of metabolic syndrome which leads to other diseases like obesity, blood pressure and prostate cancer. ”

To work towards a Diabetes free society through a network of Certified Diabetes Practitioners & Educators. Our sole objective is to empower, educate and equip diabetes patients, society and medical professionals with diverse resources in diabetes and preventive healthcare. We strongly believe that every diabetic individual has a right to live a healthy life; we work towards facilitating and endorsing this cause actively through our offerings.

Dr. Sanjay Agarwal said, “One in four families have a diabetic future in today’s scenario. Thus it is necessary to understand that it is not enough to treat diabetes but to prevent it. Take control of your diabetes. Compared to other countries India spends a mere amount of 6 billion USD on diabetes medical care whereas the USA spends about 263 billion USD. Thus, India remains a diabetes time bomb. In spite of having good educationists, hospitals and other medications, globally diabetes is an epidemic owing to the lifestyle changes. Cost of inaction is unacceptable.  ”

District Governor of Rotary Club Mr. Vivek Arhana said, “It becomes difficult to not accede to such ailments considering we have the sweetest mothers and wives and there is no medical aid for it! It is necessary to eradicate the shrub from the root and that is possible only with education. Hospitals will be empty without diabetics! ”

As a collective, The Diabetes Education Program is supported and endorsed by credible hospitals in Pune. These affiliations enable the candidates associated with the VAMRF courses, to study, practice and interact closely with the very best professionals in Diabetes Research today.