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89 Indians set new World record in Tandem skydiving on foreign land at Empuriabrava Drop zone, Spain

Sept 12, 2014: Padmashri Awardee Shital Mahajan a Founder of Phoenix Skydiving Academy formed to promote adventure sport Skydiving and Parachuting. On 25th August 2014, Phoenix Skydiving Academy organized Tandem skydiving camp in Spain at Skydive Empuriabrava, exclusively for Chrysalis entrepreneur’s forum of Dr. Manish Gupta Pune.

Shital did all arrangements of Tandem skydiving jump in Spain at skydive Empuriabrava with help of skydive Empuriabrava staff at their skydiving center. These preparations were going on from last 3 and half months exclusively for this Indian group. In this record attempt we got excellent coordination and arrangements of airplanes and tandem instructors and cameraman’s along with total flight take off landing management by skydive Empuriabrava.

Group of 70 entrepreneur’s and 19 family members total 89 people from India  had performed  Tandem skydiving in a 6 hours at skydive Empuriabrava Spain.
Previous record was 251 Tandem jumps done in 24 hours we got the challenge of approx 64 Tandem jumps in 6 hours, which was not only broken but taken to some another level by Indian Team by doing 89 Jumps in 6 hours.

“We have set another World record of highest number of simultaneous Tandem skydiving in one hour. The previous record was 25 Tandems in one hour , We broke the world record in just 40 minutes and in next 20 minutes we did more 10 jumps and set new World record of total 35 Tandem jumps in one hour. Limca book has already confirmed this attempt as National record while confirmation of the same, as a World record is being awaited.” Shital said.

Details of Record Attempt:

  • Largest group skydiving - 89 Indian civilians performed Tandem skydiving in a single day over the foreign land. (At Empuriabrava- Spain). (World Record)   
  • Confirmation has received from Limca book of records.
  • Highest number of simultaneous Tandem skydiving in one hour by largest group of  Indians (National Record)
  • Confirmation has received from Limca book of records.
    (World Record)

“Managing Tandem jump back to back in one hour in such a big number was the big challenge, in addition of it, on the same day weather went bad but still we managed it in less hours than we planned it before.”  Shital said.

She said that she did her first tandem jump of her life after completion of 650 solo skydiving jumps career. Currently Shital Mahajan is the only woman skydiving coach is in our country.

“It was the amazing experience I had in my life” she further added.

Shital said, I am very happy to inform to media that phoenix skydiving academy is organizing our new skydiving expedition very soon with new bunch of records exclusively for Indian women in Australia.

Shital also said 89 Indians stood on foreign soil (Spain) before Tandem skydiving World record and had our Indian National anthem... that was the proudest moment of my life... my dream came true..... I am sure that I made each of the participant feel the same way, as I felt on North pole when I did the very first jump of my life without any training on 18th April 2004 .And that was the moment when I promised myself to let other Indians also have the same feeling some day, and, that’s why I kept my journey on and became the first ever Indian Woman certified with the Skydiving Instructor’s license.

This event never happened overnight, actually I had this dream for 10 years and now, I am feeling too great after living one of my biggest dreams. And this is just the starting; now there is a whole list to bring more Indians up for more events like this and make our country proud of our records.

Skydive Empuriabrava was the same skydiving center where Jindagi Na milegi dobara movie shooting has taken place in 2010 for Farhan akthar and team.

Few years back, Bollywood Movie ‘Jindgi Milegi Na Dobara’ fulfilled their dream on the same land ,at Empuriabrava Skydiving, where this time 89 other Indians not only completed their dream, but got it as a National record and looking forward to be registered as a World record.


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