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Advancement in cloud computing to present huge business opportunities in India


Pune (O​ct 11, 2014): Advancement in Cloud Technologies will present huge opportunities for service providers in India over the next two years according to HR Mohan President Computer Society of India​(CSI)​. He was speaking at the inauguration of the third international conference on “Advancement in Cloud computing” organized by Computer Society of India at “YASHADA”. The theme this year was internet of things (IoT). Arindam Basu CSI Division Head V, Anand Joglekar CSI Pune Chapter Chairman, Sekhar Sahasrabuddhe Senior Member CSI were present on the occasion. CSI is also celebrating its golden jubilee this year.

HR Mohan said that Cloud Computing has emerged as a cost effective medium for service providers who can actually meet their targets without big facilities and infrastructure requirements. As the internet world readies to switch itself from IPV-4 to IPV-6 more than 100 trillion devices world over will be connected to cloud. This migration of services will present huge opportunities to the tune of 3000-5000 crores in India itself. Currently there is reluctance to this but as the migration catches speed, the huge opportunities will necessitate integration of local software, content, data information with the cloud and these services will be beneficial to businesses including security, transportation, healthcare, education amongst various other sectors.

A special event was also organized by Computer Society of India to celebrate its Golden jubilee with a key note address by Prof  Mathai Joseph on the topic– An unlikely success  Computing in India , 1956 -2014.

 The theme this year was Internet of Things (IoT). IoT conceptualizes an ever growing network of “all” things including every day and industrial objects. IoT promises to bring millions of incremental changes in the coming years which will make profound impact on the society. Projections indicate that up to 100 billion objects will be connected to the Internet by 2020.IoT embraces all types of sensors, actuators, communication protocols, computational tools, techniques, devices, processors, embedded systems, data warehousing, big data, cloud computing, server farms, grid computing and many more 

Inauguration of this conference will be at the hands of H.R. Mohan, President CSI.

Harry Viet of Netherland based company YOB BV also spoke on the occasion presented case study regarding pest control techniques by using IoT.