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Indian women more tolerant than men towards LGBT community


-UC Browser shares its “LGBT Awareness Survey” report-

Sept 18, 2014: About a month ago, at Kharghar station in Mumbai, LGBT rights activist Harish Iyer was spat on and abused by an unknown person. Following which, he wrote an open letter to his attacker and the citizens of Mumbai at large urging them to break away from the stereotype of what is considered ‘normal’ and let the idea of love rise above gender and norms of society. A similar plea was made by actress Huma Qureshi, who joined forces with a campaign called ‘IshqkiIjaazat’, and CelinaJaitley, who featured in a video for the United Nations to increase acceptability of gay marriage across India. From gay parades in major cities to Aamir Khan’s message on SatyamevJayate, enough and more is being done year after year to propagate awareness towards the rights of the LGBT community.

UC Browser, the leading mobile browser in India, conducted a survey to measure the impact of these awareness campaigns and collected the opinion of people across India with respect to homosexuality. There are not sufficient opinion survey results available on this topic in India, and uc browser is leveraging its large user base and fans to collectopinions on this topic.

A total of 6237 respondents participated in this survey, including 4991 male, 1222 female and 24 respondents who did not disclose their gender. Even though the concept of homosexuality still seems to be a subject our country is struggling with, majority of people believe in equal rights of marriage and adoption for every citizen. While only 32.9% respondents are aware of Section 377 of Indian Penal Code which criminalizes sexual activities "against the order of nature", a slightly higher 41.8% of respondents know what LGBT stands for.