10 Need Not Miss Out Attractions of Australia for Indian Tourists


The world is full of happening places located in different parts of the globe, but Australia is pretty different. While other destinations offer the best of one thing, in particular, Australia is the one place offering something distinct for every person with varying interests. Clean sandy beaches, unbeatable beach culture, striking ocean pools, adrenaline-rushing water activities, impressive wildlife sanctuaries, and hospitable people are some reasons to finalize Australia as your next travel destination.

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You should quickly apply for a tourist visa for Australia from India if you’re ready to explore the best nature offers. If your travel days are numbered, we suggest including the best places in your itinerary. To ensure you don’t miss real Australia, we have curated the top ten attractions in Australia that any Indian tourist should not miss. So let’s quickly check which places made it to the list below.

  1. Sydney Opera House

The Sydney opera house is among the biggest UNESCO world heritage sites, the country’s most recognizable structure. Irrespective of the season you travel there, you will always find huge numbers of tourists around this place. The place houses numerous performance venues, an education center, a restaurant, and a bar. If you don’t want to miss Australia’s most famous attraction, you must visit the Sydney Opera House. It is an architectural marvel offering splendid views from inside and outside the place. 

  1. Adelaide Central Market

It will be a clear understatement to say that the Adelaide central market is one of the world’s oldest markets. This undercover market can be found in a vast clandestine building and is estimated to be over 140 years old. Over 70 traders under one roof sell fresh produce all year round. The vibes of this market have to be experienced at least once by every traveller. You can also find some of Adelaide’s iconic cafes around the market, which deserve your attention.  


  1. Cairns Esplanade Lagoon

Located on the Cairns foreshore, this 4800 sq meter saltwater swimming lagoon is a must-visit if you’re visiting Australia during the summer season. Since the saltwater is filtered and chlorinated before making its way to the lagoon, it is 100% safe for people to swim. If you have kids, they can enjoy the sandy edges and take dips in shallow water areas. The place also has timber decks, shady trees, landscaped garden, and much more, so you can expect to have a great time.

  1. Four Miles Beach

With a massive spread of golden sand and swaying palm, four miles beach is undoubtedly one of Australia’s best beaches. This beach is nothing less than heaven if you love indulging in water sports activities. Besides enjoying the beach’s stunning sunrise and sunset views, you can also enjoy some of the most authentic seafood delicacies, swim in the clean water, surf in the soothing tides, explore marine life, and more.   

  1. Tamborine Mountain

Located outside Brisbane, Tamborine Mountain is a vibrant region boasting a beautiful natural landscape. It has plenty of beautiful lush rainforests, stunning views, lip-smacking local delicacies, stellar caves, and more. If you’ve explored enough cities and want to take a break amidst nature while continuing to explore Australia, a visit to Tamborine Mountain is a must. The glow worm caves, long skywalks, distilleries, and natural views are some reasons to visit the place.

  1. Mount Wellington

If you like getting a clear, bird’s eye view of a natural landscape, visiting Mount Wellington is a must. This place is surrounded by lush forests, beautiful walking tracks, scenic driveways, and much more. There are many hike trails too, so if you’re in for some adventure, join at least one hiking group and make your way up to witness the magnificent view from the top. Nature lovers cannot overlook this place in their Australia itinerary.

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  1. The Great Barrier Reef

The world’s largest coral reef system, the Great Barrier Reef, consists of 2,900+ individual reefs and approximately 900 islands. You can easily spend a long day exploring this mini paradise. Besides taking a usual walk for exploration, you can also indulge in water sports activities like snorkeling, diving, etc., for a fun-filled day. There are some amazing accommodation options in and around the area and excellent restaurants, so your stay is guaranteed to be pleasant.

  1. Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria

The Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria has been a Melbourne feature for decades. Some even like to call it Melbourne’s inner-city oasis. The primary highlight of this garden is you can witness over 10,000 plant species from different parts of the world in a kaleidoscope full of exciting textures and colors. Tranquil lakes, majestic trees, and sweeping lawns are some of the other highlights that make this place a must-visit attraction. 

  1. Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary

This sanctuary is a forever home to the largest number of koalas in Australia. Koala is just one of the many animals living in this sanctuary. If you’re an animal lover, you must visit the Lone Pine Koala sanctuary to witness 70+ native animal species. If activities like hand-feeding kangaroos, meeting a koala, and marveling at the playful platypus interest you, this is an excellent place to be in. You can also talk to the sanctuary keepers and closely experience their daily routine, like wild lorikeet feeding for maximum fun.

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  1. Museum & Art Gallery of the Northern Territory

It is the Northern Territory’s premier cultural institution that tourists must explore during their Australia trip. This museum features permanent exhibition highlights like cyclone Tracy and other exciting exhibitions. After exploring the exhibition, you can also enjoy a delicious meal at the picturesque saltwater café.

You can always find some talk shows, public programs, workshops, or school holiday programs taking place in this museum. You can check the museum’s official website to learn about the program timings. The premises also have a gift and book store for those interested. 

Explore Australia Like a Seasoned Globetrotter

International trips are always special, but not having the right guidance can spoil it entirely for you and other travellers. If you have plans to explore Australia but your travel days are numbered, you can prepare your itinerary around the places covered in this article. They are the best Australia offers, so you cannot miss them at any cost. Additionally, try to get international travel insurance before heading to Australia.

Although insurance is not necessary to enter Australia, having one helps you enjoy your trip better. Travel insurance protects you against potential financial losses arising from baggage theft, a sudden medical emergency at the destination, a lost passport, a change in travel date, missed flight, and other events explicitly mentioned in the insurance papers. If you value your absolute peace of mind and want to enjoy a pleasant trip, consider getting travel insurance. 

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